Friday, February 6, 2009

Ulysses Siren - Above the Ashes (2003)

This compilation of Ulysses Siren's demos from 85 and 87 really deserved to be released upon mankind. If you think of other demo compilations like Thrash 'til Death by Slaughter Lord you might firstly think about the bad production which somehow decreases the listening experience, but I can assure you: Above the Ashes has a brilliant production which makes me wonder why still nobody really cares about this band. There are many aspects which actually should have guaranteed these guys a huge success: Their riffing is definitely above average likewise the vocals sound pretty nasty. While listening to this record you get violently pushed through 7 pretty fast and intense thrash tracks which won't annoy you at any time, I personally did never wish to skip even one of these gems.

Download (Rapidshare)

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  1. Wolfmother used the same Frazetta piece as album art too...