Saturday, October 31, 2009

G.I.S.M. - M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic) (1986)

Genre: Hardcore Punk / Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) [Not Metalcore, assholes]
Country: Japan

Japan has a reputation for putting out some weird shit. Whether it's Gonin-Ish, one of those thrash metal bands who were infatuated with Nazi-ism, or the poster band for Japanese-weirdness, Sigh, G.I.S.M. combined punk music, heavy metal, and had their stints with Industrial soundscaping which was unheard of at the time.

After releasing “DETESTation” in 1984, G.I.S.M. returned with the more metallic sounding M.A.N. There are 3 things that make a G.I.S.M. release, Sakevi's vocals, Randy's guitar playing, and the album's production. Each are in top form in this release. While the production on the previous release made the guitar sound like it was channeled through a Nintendo, this album gives it new life with a proper sound. Of course, we're talking about a punk band in the 80's, this thing isn't a cleanly produced piece of art. This album has a very hallow sound. The drums and the vocals are at the head of the mix, but it sounds distant and empty as a whole. Randy's guitar is buried underneath and isn't too loud, making it a chore to pick it out and listen.

When you are able to listen to it, it's a real treat. It's almost as if he forgot he was in a punk band and was a part of an Iron Maiden tribute. Riffs whirl, solos flutter, it all just comes together in a perfect circle. It's hard to choose something as a standout example when all of the songs are of an equal quality, but if I had to, I'd say that the opener “Good as It Is” is the prime example. The vocalist, Sakevi, is also a big part to the G.I.S.M. sound. His use of harsh vocals gives the music a new, dare I say, unique sound. It's a very throaty kind of bark, something similar to what Mirai of Sigh does now, but more of a lower end. Unfortunately, I can't understand a damn thing he's saying. I don't know if it's because he is speaking in Japanese, or I suck at deciphering harsh vocalists, but I can't pick out any iconic broken english commandments. Sorry guys, no “Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter” or “Tear there syphilitic vaginas to feecees” here!

Closing note: G.I.S.M. Were a pretty special band. At the end of the day, I feel these guys established a better bridge between punk and metal than Discharge ever could. Still, while the G.I.S.M. Discography might not be as essential as any Discharge works (at least before their Glam era), it's one of those albums that is a must listen if you have any remote interest in extreme music whatsoever.


Insane Vesper Megapost

Genre-Raw Black Metal


It's shocking why this band hasn't got more recognition yet,given the sheer amount of professionalism and maturity in their music.Insane Vesper play some really crunchy raw black metal laden with layers and layers of riffs.Very intense but at the same time very varied and not repetitive at all.Excellent songwriting and an amazing guitar tone,which makes the album fuckin' heavy.Some really catchy stuff in here.The band has got one demo,one split and two EPs to their credit.While the demo is pretty neat,the split and the 2 EPs kick major black metal ass.No filler tracks are present and each song is as good as the others.Very tight.Vocals are not the typical black metal shriek.Instead they are chaotic and 'thin'.The drumming is awesome as well.Productionwise,it's what one would expect from a raw BM band...'old school' but in no way annoying.

Insane Vesper's part in the split is fuckin' amazing.Each song slays,with the track 'Crown of Disease' being my personal favourite.The RIFFS!!

The other two bands on the split are Istidraj and Ironfist,both from Singapore.Both these bands play really good black metal and this helps in making the split one of the best ones out there.

Both the EPs are killer material although the 'Twilight of Extinction' EP has an upper hand(due to the presence of more songs).

Well,just get them already!!

Highly recommended for fans of raw black metal or in general,black metal with fucking balls and none of that melancholy shitass synth wankery.

Get the 'Twilight of Extinction' EP first,then the split and then their remaining stuff.

Unholy Procession(Demo 2003)

Blasphemous Demonic Trinity(Split 2005)

Twilight of Extinction(EP 2008)

Therefore, He Shall Consume(EP 2009)


Black Goat - Black Goat (1997)

Requested by - Featherofhuginn
Genre - Black Metal
Review - Pure Satanic Hate! This is how the kvlt black metal crowd would want to describe this album. Do you know that this band has two members of the legendary heavy/power band "Lord Weird Slough Feg". No wonder this band draws a lot of influences from early 80s heavy metal. There is a huge Venom influence on the riffing and that is the highest point of the album. The vocals on the first song are so lame that they actually sound hilarious, thankfully it gets better subsequently. Sloppy and poorly produced drumming, but hey, its black metal Guise! Recommended for fans of bands like Weakling, Amon, Amon Goeth, early Root, Venom etc!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Desolation Angels Halloween Megapost

Despite what the above might fool you into thinking, it's actually just about midnight-thirty where I am, so, given it's *technically* Oct. 31st (CST), I thought I'd get off of my ass and post something particularly special for you all today, this most Metal of holidays.

Desolation Angels were one of the great unsung, generally unknown, NWOBHM bands of the 1980's.
The question of why they never gained a large following or made it anywhere near as big as most of their contemporaries is a common one I'm reminded of every time I give them a listen. Did the murky production on their sole full length make their stuff too inaccessible for a record label to spoonfeed to a commercial audience? Was it the all-too simple matter of not being in the right place at the right time? I'll be damned if I know for sure. What I am certain of is that they deserved to.
Their best material was every bit as strong as the classic anthems of cult favorites like Angel Witch and Satan (see: "Evil Possessor", "Fury"), if pushed they could channel the sort of occult, epic atmospheres of bands like Pagan Altar and Brocas Helm ("Dance of the Demons", "Written in Blood"), and long time vocalist Dave Wall had one of the maniliest, most sheerly badass set of pipes ever to grace the business.
Seriously, fuck a music industry that would allow a great band like this to fall into absolute obscurity while it lets Iron Maiden to skate by releasing Live albums and constantly rehashed "Best of" Complilations year after agonizing year.

If any of you need more of a reason to check this band out, I suggest you check out the review of their '08 "Feels Like Thunder" compilation here on the now defunct, but previously excellent Morbid Knocking blog.
I doubt I could give you guys a better, more ringing, more well-thought out endorsement of Desolation Angels than is presented there, so do yourselves a favour and check that out before you bother to read more any of this.
Yeah I know it's long, read it anyway.

You done? Good.

Anyway, I present for you, our follwers, both that 4 disc Compilation and the aforementioned 1986 s/t full-length album.
I hope you enjoy the bygone FURY(!) of another band fate chose to overlook.

Desolation Angels (Look at that cover! You know you want this!)

Feels Like Thunder-
Disc 1 - Studio Recordings (The stuff with Lee Addison is nowhere near as strong as the stuff with Dave Wall)
Disc 2 - Demos (You will be rocking "All Hallow's Eve" today and for many Halloweens to come)
Disc 3 - Live Material (sometimes better than their studio recordings)
Disc 4 - Even More Live Material (seriously, it's really good)

I know you're out there.
Leave comments.
- FeatherofHuginn

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Threnos - By Blood And By Earth (2004)

Threnos is a extremely mysterious black metal band from Cascadia that, according to one unsubstantiated source, is made of up current and past members of Fauna and Wolves in the Throne room.
Whether or not that is true, it isn't hard to draw comparisons between the output of those bands and this little demo. They possess apparently similar thematics and ethos to those bands, and their musical style, while unique, is pretty characteristic of the Cascadian USBM scene.
But, while Fauna and WitTR focus more on strong atmospherics and long, sprawling songs, Threnos focuses more on ferocious primal melodies, memorable riffwork, and more firmly structured songwriting- somewhat reminiscent of newcomers Lake of Blood.
Anyway, "By Blood and By Earth", is a powerful little demo, and it makes for a solidly enjoyable listen. I hope some of you out there dig it as much as I do.


And if any of you could let me know any more about this band, specifically where I could get a physical copy of this demo, I would be very very thankful.

- FeatherofHuginn

Monday, October 26, 2009

Abramelin (1990-2001)

Genre:Death Metal
Country: Australia

One of Australia's best kept secrets, Abramelin produced some grade A death metal that possessed that old school brutality with tinges of non cheese infested melodies. Within the bands 11 year career the band suffered from a severe case of the dreaded revolving door lineup, with the only constants being vocalist Simon Dower and guitarist Tim Aldridge. While their first EP and full length was recorded with a full band, their last full length, Deadspeak, was recorded with a drum machine.

Band or no band, Dower penned some of the dirtiest lyrics that caused controversy in their home land, and performed them with excellence. His voice fits the music extremely well, somewhat reminding me of both sides of Carcass. Aldridge produced some of the most headbangable riffs I've heard. With the perfect amounts of groove, brutality, and melody, he had the formula down for each song. Hell, he's even not afraid to bust out the acoustic guitar for a nice contrast and mood settler. Together they wrote some awesome songs that separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Transgression From Acheron [EP] (1994)
A nice little release. Dirty, yet audible. Only song re-recorded later on is Humble Abode.

Abramelin (1996)
This is probably the definitive album they released. Recorded with a full band, with that nice gritty old-school production. You can hear the cymbols vibrate! Songs like Misfortune, Humble Abode, and both parts of Stargazer is where the band shines. Hell, it's even ended with a mindblowingly awesome cover of Dead Can Dance's Cantara.

Deadspeak (2000)
The band's swan song. This was recorded as a two piece, and yes, it does have a drum machine. But don't be worried, it sounds well done and you can tell that the band wanted to play the material live. There are some inhuman rolls and a missed fill here and there, but it's nothing worth crying over. The production is prettier this time around, taming the guitar tone from last time around and putting the rest in its place. The band still maintains it's old school sound despite these.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (1987)

Genre - Darkwave, Neoclassical Darkwave, Ethereal Wave (I dont know what all those mean, But thats what RYM told me :D)
Reviews - I am not an ardent follower of soothing music (I rather prefer the term Elevator music), neither I am impressed much by all the atmospheric music out there. But this album is a perfection in every sense. It takes time to grow on you, but when it does, you just cant take it out of your mind. I had kept avoiding this band because I still remember this being band being mentioned in reference to Burzum on some of the blog(not that I hate Burzum, I am a big Filosofem fan, but somehow it does get boring after a while). I don't know in what context, but surely it seems ridiculous after I heard it.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Magma - K.A. (2004)

I know most of you grimtards are familiar with Magma, but from what I can tell this little gem has managed to slip under the radar. Maybe because it's about three decades removed from the band's golden era, but rest assured this album is amazing.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Current 93 - Lucifer Over London (1994)

I was introduced to this band via Rotting Christ's cover of this EP's title track, so I figured this may be an ideal starting point for anyone who hasn't heard them before. Haunting guitars, chanting, asymetrical vocal patterns, and a mighty nod in the direction of the drone, ambient and industrial genera which David Tibet takes as much influence from as he does from European folk songs and poetry. Also, I pity anyone who fails to recognise the 'subtle' riff at the beginning of the record.


NoMeansNo - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? (1993)

One of the reasons I am proud to be living in Canada. Put bluntly, you can't like punk if you don't like this band. This album happens to be my favourite, but don't hesitate to track down the equally amazing 'Wrong.'


Cadaver - Necrosis (2004)

Many of you have heard this band's 1992 album ...In Pains, but I hadn't noticed much attention being directed to this, their rather great swansong. Excellent death/thrash, with a slight technical streak.

Mediafire (sorry, Raj)

Villain - Only Time Will Tell (1986)

For all the fans of US metal

What do i need to make you get this one (if you did not yet acquire it)?
Tell you the facts that...
...they play typical American power metal (which is rarely anything worse than great)?
...this one features some great heavy metal riffs that can compete with those of other classic metal bands?
or that this band's singer was called Carl Albert!

Vicious Rumors fans love him for enriching the band's post Saint Pierre era with his stellar voice. If you do not know the essential VR yet you should get their Digital Dictator and their Welcome to the Ball asap.


Annexus Quam - Osmose (1970)

Genre - Krautrock, Jazz-Rock
A krautrock post again! Whoaaaa!
This is a weirdly beautiful album. Recommended for fans of German giants "Amon Düül II". This album crosses the limits of all your imaginations. The sound ranges from jazzy rock style Frank Zappa to psychedelic sounds of many early German krautrockers. There are a number of instruments used here, Clarinet, Trombone, Saxophone, Trumpet all add a mesmerising touch to the usual heavy guitar leads and haunting percussions. I wouldnt be exaggerating if I labelled this as avant-prog instead. Too bad this was another one of those records that got lost among the massively huge 70s rock scene.


My Solid Ground - My Solid Ground (1971)

Genre - Krautrock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Its difficult to define their genre. Since Krautrock itself is a wide term, it doesnt necessarily help define the sound of "My Hairy Chapter". I have seen people on prog archives lable it as progressive rock but honestly their isnt much progression going on either. Its more of a hard rock album with spacey and psychedelic passages.

Its a beautifully executed album. There is this "A Saucerful of Secrets" aura about this record, It may not be as spacey as that legendary album, but its more varied as a whole. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting that its a Floyd rip off by any means. Just that it will be a sure hit among early floydheads. The album begins with the song "Dirty Yellow Dust" which has the psychedelic guitar tone throughout, Its immensely repititive to the point that you end up loving the song. Then there are definitely a few fillers here and there but that dont distract you much from the original sound. This version has a 25 minute version of the song "Flash" which is where you see all the improvisations, melodic key solos, stoner guitar leads, and whatnot! ENJOY!


Kaamos - Lvcifer Rising (2005)

A little gem out of Sweden that far too few people have heard, as far as I'm concerned. Kaamos play OSDM with style, crafting plenty of twisted riffs in a similar fashion to the master Trey Azagthoth, while still keeping songs refined enough to drive straight through hell and back without slowing down. Quite a bit stronger than their debut, and unfortunately the last thing the band ever did before they split in 2007, this is one of the few sleepers in my collection, and it's a damn good one at that.

Again, this is a case where I can provide a FLAC rip, so just ask away if you want me to upload.

For now: Mediafire

Eskaton - 4 Visions (1979)

More Zeuhl for you. I don't find this quite as strong as the magnificant Magma, which would be their most obvious reference point for sound. Though I'm far from experienced in the genre, from what I've heard many non-Magma Zeuhl bands deign not to imitate Magma's vocal style directly, but Eskaton certainly doesn't care in that respect. The music itself is far more minimalistic, with spacey keyboards replacing many instances of electric piano, and an overall confined atmosphere that creates an otherworldly listening experience. Highly recommended, though if you're entirely new to Zeuhl you may wish to track down some of the works of Magma and Christian Vander before venturing further into the boundless territories of Avant-Prog.

Mediafire: Part 1, Part 2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flight Charm - Waiting White Lady (1988)

Flight Charm was a Traditional Heavy Metal band active in Italy at about the same time their neighbors Dark Quarterer and Adramelch were pieceing together their respectively awesome cult masterworks. While perhaps not as "out there" compositionally as the aformentioned acts, Flight Charm still knew how to effectively bring the METAL, and this, the only EP released in their short career, is a testament to that simple truth.

Get it here-

P.S.: They had supposedly released a full-length album in 1990, but I have yet to find it anywhere. If anybody happens to have it, I'd be quite grateful if you could send it to me.
- FeatherofHuginn

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blue Aside - Demo (2009)

Today while going through my usual mid-afternoon blog-hopping routine, I ran across a band with the unassuming name of "Blue Aside". The review I'd skimmed through sounded favorable, so I dropped by their myspace page and downloaded their 3 song '09 demo.

It turns out that the project is made up of previous members of Palace In Thunderland (who some of you might know as the truly excellent band that Andy Beresky was a part of before the advent of Black Pyramid) and current members of Psych Rockers Aeolian Race.

Having woken up with a Goatsnake song stuck in my head, and having listened to Burning Saviours all morning, I was, needless to say, well in the mood for some underground doom; but I was honestly unprepared for something this good.

The first song starts in with spacey electronic segway into a simple slow, downtuned doom riff, repetition, repetition, drums further establishing the internal heartbeat of the song, then, out of nowhere, an uplifting cathartic set of leads push through the murk supported subtly in the background by barely-audible keys, then, as they cut out, and a display of Sign-from-Space-era Paul Chain vox kick in, you're set for two minutes of a swirling jouney through star-strafed chasms of breathtaking, scintillating, sweeping cosmic power, before the song ends, and the next intersteller endeavor begins.
Otis' Sun, while in title is an obvious homage to Ken Baluke's band of Canadian Stoner Doom giants, is more in substance a vaguely Floydian seven-minute spacy doom anthem full of soaring leads, heavy, driving rythms, and superbly fitting airy vocals. I fucking love this track.
The final 'bonus' song, "Sound Escapes" (haha, pun-tastic) is about as fittingly titled as can be. It's more or less a 5 minute instrumental backdrop of entrancing Hawkwindish flourishes and otherworldly soundscapes.

So yeah, as soon as I was done listening to this the first time, I scrambled to ask the band if I could host this demo here for you all. They were game, and all I can say in return is-
Mission accomplished with this demo, guys. I can't wait for a full length.

For fans of Doom, Space Rock, Hawkwind, music.
- FeatherofHuginn

Armoros - Pieces (1988)

Genre - Thrash Metal
Review - This album is relentless, fast and headbangable, just the way thrash is meant to be played. If you dont give a fuck about "Oh! Thrash! It must be boring and repititive" attitude, then this album will rule your playlists for a long long time. If Sodom, Demolition Hammer, Destruction and Morbid Saint are your kind of thrash, then it will just be another jewel in the crown. It has some of the coolest solos you would ever hear in thrash and surprisingly well produced for a self-released material. The drumming and riffing combine well together and vocals are reminiscent of Exodus. Supporting the flawless musicianship of the band, there is thick, heavy bass riffing in the background (Imagine Sadus!!).

The highlight of the album obviously is the song "Autopsy (Dementia)". The demo version of the song is fuckin' 7 minutes long!!!! (and believe me it requires fuckin' balls of metal to write a 7 minute long thrash song that doesnt lose the intensity even for one single second). That song is like Canada's answer to Morbid Saint's Assassin (may be its not as brutal or devastating as that song, But it will still leave you gasping for your breath). Too bad the song has been curtailed to just 5 minutes on this album.

I have added the 7 minute demo version of the above mentioned song along with the album.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vault Dweller - Messenger of Doom (2009)

Alright, I think it's due time to take a break between posts fawning over my rad local scene.
So here's a sweet album by a great band from Oregon, showing you all one of many many reasons I need to move there.

Recorded in '07, "Messenger of Doom" is a furious Eyehategod-meets-Dystopia riffgasmic onslaught of crusty stoner sludge. If you feel nothing compelled you to headbang furiously to the constant brilliant guitarwork and apocalyptic grooves herein, you, sir or madame, haven't a soul to be compelled.

Look for an limited CD release via Deathsmile this November.

Until then, GET IT HERE!
Either way, do it NOW, as this will likely be one of the BEST Sludge releases of '09.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Cripta

In Cripta is a one man project from The Black Sea, and plays a unique blend of experimental black metal, dark ambient, and noise. Formed around a language and mythology crafted by the individual behind this project, there have been four releases this year alone.
This project is part of the group called The Order of the Silver Night, which consists of several other projects playing a blend of black metal, folk, etc. etc.

It's an intriguing listen indeed. You won't be disappointed.

Krapat a Kripta
...Racnind cele mai cumplite blasfemii
Cantece din alte planuri
Scuip In Pocalul Tau

--Goat Christ // YourAntiGod

Jacula - In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum (1969)

I found this whilst browsing a thread which discussed the darkest pre-Sabbath rock albums. This was mentioned fairly early on, and while I'd be hesitant to call it rock, it is certainly dark.


Duobetic Homunkulus - Části a Mechanismy Strojů (2006)

Featuring two members of the now defunct !T.O.O.H.!, it should come as no surprise that this is a first rate mindfuck.