Sunday, October 18, 2009

Armoros - Pieces (1988)

Genre - Thrash Metal
Review - This album is relentless, fast and headbangable, just the way thrash is meant to be played. If you dont give a fuck about "Oh! Thrash! It must be boring and repititive" attitude, then this album will rule your playlists for a long long time. If Sodom, Demolition Hammer, Destruction and Morbid Saint are your kind of thrash, then it will just be another jewel in the crown. It has some of the coolest solos you would ever hear in thrash and surprisingly well produced for a self-released material. The drumming and riffing combine well together and vocals are reminiscent of Exodus. Supporting the flawless musicianship of the band, there is thick, heavy bass riffing in the background (Imagine Sadus!!).

The highlight of the album obviously is the song "Autopsy (Dementia)". The demo version of the song is fuckin' 7 minutes long!!!! (and believe me it requires fuckin' balls of metal to write a 7 minute long thrash song that doesnt lose the intensity even for one single second). That song is like Canada's answer to Morbid Saint's Assassin (may be its not as brutal or devastating as that song, But it will still leave you gasping for your breath). Too bad the song has been curtailed to just 5 minutes on this album.

I have added the 7 minute demo version of the above mentioned song along with the album.


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