Thursday, October 22, 2009

Current 93 - Lucifer Over London (1994)

I was introduced to this band via Rotting Christ's cover of this EP's title track, so I figured this may be an ideal starting point for anyone who hasn't heard them before. Haunting guitars, chanting, asymetrical vocal patterns, and a mighty nod in the direction of the drone, ambient and industrial genera which David Tibet takes as much influence from as he does from European folk songs and poetry. Also, I pity anyone who fails to recognise the 'subtle' riff at the beginning of the record.



  1. I dont like "A Special Plan..", Is it anyway similar to that album???

  2. Not at all. That was more of an experimental/drone type thing, I'd be hesitant to call it music even, more poetry with background noise. This is the band's main style, and I'm too damn tired to explain it right now so just listen to it already ;P