Thursday, October 29, 2009

Threnos - By Blood And By Earth (2004)

Threnos is a extremely mysterious black metal band from Cascadia that, according to one unsubstantiated source, is made of up current and past members of Fauna and Wolves in the Throne room.
Whether or not that is true, it isn't hard to draw comparisons between the output of those bands and this little demo. They possess apparently similar thematics and ethos to those bands, and their musical style, while unique, is pretty characteristic of the Cascadian USBM scene.
But, while Fauna and WitTR focus more on strong atmospherics and long, sprawling songs, Threnos focuses more on ferocious primal melodies, memorable riffwork, and more firmly structured songwriting- somewhat reminiscent of newcomers Lake of Blood.
Anyway, "By Blood and By Earth", is a powerful little demo, and it makes for a solidly enjoyable listen. I hope some of you out there dig it as much as I do.


And if any of you could let me know any more about this band, specifically where I could get a physical copy of this demo, I would be very very thankful.

- FeatherofHuginn


  1. SHIT. I was looking forever for this demo in an mp3 format, for a couple months now. Thanks!

  2. Hey, I'm really happy to find a torrent of this album. I used to live in Olympia, Washington when this band was active and saw them several times. I don't know if your mystery around their origins was solved, but they were a three piece composed of Johnny and Joshua from Fauna and Parker that last I heard was roadying for Wolves in the Throne Room. As for tracking down the hard copy of this demo, I would say that if you could get ahold of Fauna's contact info you could get ahold of the record. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info Bryan. I'm glad I could help you out. Cheers!