Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (1987)

Genre - Darkwave, Neoclassical Darkwave, Ethereal Wave (I dont know what all those mean, But thats what RYM told me :D)
Reviews - I am not an ardent follower of soothing music (I rather prefer the term Elevator music), neither I am impressed much by all the atmospheric music out there. But this album is a perfection in every sense. It takes time to grow on you, but when it does, you just cant take it out of your mind. I had kept avoiding this band because I still remember this being band being mentioned in reference to Burzum on some of the blog(not that I hate Burzum, I am a big Filosofem fan, but somehow it does get boring after a while). I don't know in what context, but surely it seems ridiculous after I heard it.


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