Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flight Charm - Waiting White Lady (1988)

Flight Charm was a Traditional Heavy Metal band active in Italy at about the same time their neighbors Dark Quarterer and Adramelch were pieceing together their respectively awesome cult masterworks. While perhaps not as "out there" compositionally as the aformentioned acts, Flight Charm still knew how to effectively bring the METAL, and this, the only EP released in their short career, is a testament to that simple truth.

Get it here-

P.S.: They had supposedly released a full-length album in 1990, but I have yet to find it anywhere. If anybody happens to have it, I'd be quite grateful if you could send it to me.
- FeatherofHuginn


  1. Great pick boe, Loving the EP, Need to track down the full length if its out there!

  2. I liked it. It doesn't stand out too much from other 80's metal I've heard, but it was worth the download.