Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Cripta

In Cripta is a one man project from The Black Sea, and plays a unique blend of experimental black metal, dark ambient, and noise. Formed around a language and mythology crafted by the individual behind this project, there have been four releases this year alone.
This project is part of the group called The Order of the Silver Night, which consists of several other projects playing a blend of black metal, folk, etc. etc.

It's an intriguing listen indeed. You won't be disappointed.

Krapat a Kripta
...Racnind cele mai cumplite blasfemii
Cantece din alte planuri
Scuip In Pocalul Tau

--Goat Christ // YourAntiGod


  1. LOL! Are you shitting me? This guy is a friend of mine, we also used to play in a band together.