Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Solid Ground - My Solid Ground (1971)

Genre - Krautrock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Its difficult to define their genre. Since Krautrock itself is a wide term, it doesnt necessarily help define the sound of "My Hairy Chapter". I have seen people on prog archives lable it as progressive rock but honestly their isnt much progression going on either. Its more of a hard rock album with spacey and psychedelic passages.

Its a beautifully executed album. There is this "A Saucerful of Secrets" aura about this record, It may not be as spacey as that legendary album, but its more varied as a whole. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting that its a Floyd rip off by any means. Just that it will be a sure hit among early floydheads. The album begins with the song "Dirty Yellow Dust" which has the psychedelic guitar tone throughout, Its immensely repititive to the point that you end up loving the song. Then there are definitely a few fillers here and there but that dont distract you much from the original sound. This version has a 25 minute version of the song "Flash" which is where you see all the improvisations, melodic key solos, stoner guitar leads, and whatnot! ENJOY!


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  1. Good stuff. I'm not well versed in psych rock, but this was definitely enjoyable.