Thursday, February 26, 2009

Neil Young - Dead Man O.S.T. (1995)

This is some cataclysmic, post apocalyptic shit. Forget what you thought you knew about Neil Young, his work for the soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man is an excellent dystopian soundscape. Droning electric guitar interspersed with dialog from the movie.

The soundtrack is still great out of context, but I'm going to put up the movie for your enjoyment as well. It's a great surrealistic western.

Neil Young - Dead Man OST (1995)

Dead Man (1995)[torrent]

Nausea - Crime Against Humanity (1991)

Having Oscar Garcia of Terrorizer fame on vocals/guitar, this LA based band has been thought of as some sort of side project. However, give this (their only LP) a spin once, and you'll see that it stands well on it's own two feet.
They're a death/grind band with a slight doom influence. The most accurate description would be saying that it sounds somewhat like Terrorizer/Napalm Death combined with Brutal Truth (check out that absolutely HEAVY, buzzing bass guitar) and a hint of Black Sabbath.
One can figure out their theme quite easily by just looking at the album cover. If politically-charged lyrics make you cringe, just try to ignore them, for the music at hand is surely friggin' sweet.
I could say that the production is a bit uneven and the drum sound somewhat poor, but when has that ever stopped our appreciation of the music? Also, fun fact: some songs off "World Downfall" were actually Nausea songs, taken by Oscar to complete the album *winks at the Viking*



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sea of Deprivation - Catharsis In Disharmony (2000)

Genre - Sludge Metal, Hardcore, Crust/Grind
Reviews - This album will possess you by its sheer power.Well to tell you the truth, this is my favourite sludge album ever. While the band buys the riffing style from black sabbath while there is lil bit of Eyehategod worship going on the riffing as well. When you listen to the vocals, you are completely in for a surprise.The vocals range from a high pitched screams and screeches to low growls on some of the tracks. The drummer goes berserk in faster passages of hardcore and crust/grind parts. An absolutely eseential stuff and good luck finding someone who is ready to trade this one.Because this is "MORE UNDERGROUND THAN CRUDE OIL".

Get it Here!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Runemagick - The Supreme Force of Eternity (1998)

Genre - Death Metal
Reviews - The year 1998 and the strange reincarnation of death metal in this year will never cease to amaze me. We witnessed the decline of death metal which started in 1993 and was almost completed by 1996. There is no denying the fact that there were masterpieces in each year but definitely the number of quality releases had certainly taken a back seat. But come 1998 and out of nowhere we have so many awesome releases. The Chasm's "Deathcult for Eternity", Incantation's "Diabolical Conquest" to name a few. But one often tends to forget this immensely underrated band Runemagick who gave us with one of the most towering death metal record with this album.

Sweden has produced one of the greatest death metal records way back in early 90s and of course inspired by the acts in their own country and few from the US death metal scene, Runemagick was formed in early 90s. They released few demos before finally finding a label and they released this album under Century Records. While their early demos were more in the vein of Bathory they developed this more mature death metal sound with this album. Most of the songs were recorded in early 90s but the album was recorded in 1998. My encounter and appreciation of Runemagick was very strange. Obviously this album is pretty well known among the underground death metal fans, I listened to them last year and I wasn't able to appreciate it. But I decided to spin this album one more time before discarding it from my ipod, and obviously I was in for a surprise. I instantly opened the archives page and was amazed to find 10 full-lengths and 5 EPs within a span of 10 years. While this may be a very common thing for some dark ambient or drone bands but this is death metal goddamn it! I have already listened to it multiple times while I am submitting this review and thanks to the internet that I found most of their releases.

Enough of beating about the bush, let's get down to business. The album begins with a slow doomy riff only to be replaced by double bass pounding to be replaced by another set of riffs. This practically goes on throughout the album. The typical "double bass-Cymbal hits-Drum roll-double bass" pattern on the first track will force even a paralyzed guy to bang his head. This album shows you how death metal can be awesome without being insanely fast. There are appropriate representation of faster brutal parts with slow mid-paced and doomy sections. It does well to keep the listener interested throughout.

We have good amount of Bolt Thrower worship going on here. While the band doesn't mention Bolt Thrower as their influence. But the music here is pretty similar to what we hear in "The IVth Crusade". By that I certainly don't mean that they have tried to rip off Bolt Thrower, that's just to give you an idea what to expect from this album. This album has in it something for fans of all sub-genres of death metal. Add to that brilliant production values which tends to turn off many fans. Every instrument is represented well and sounds crystal with pretty heavy bass lines. The vocals need a special mention here. They are deep growling in the style of John Tardy or Karl Willetts and are pretty much decipherable. That makes the listening experience even better 'cause you can actually headbang and growl along! The lyrics are short and well written. And when the vocalist goes like ...

"When death is the key
I spread my wings

When death is the key
I open the gate
I spread my wings
And let my soul free"

on the song "When Death is the Key" you can't help but headbang and this is the best moment on the album.

"Heavy as fuck" would be such an understatement for them. While their riffs are pretty reminiscent of early Scandinavian death metal acts but while they switch to the mid-paced sections they often switch to sabbathish and sludgy riffing.

Highlights - At The Horizons End, When Death Is The Key, The Supreme Force.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Subheim - Approach (2008)

Now for something completely different. First of all this album contains some amazing artwork that really gives off a sense of what to expect in the music.

Subheim is a one man IDM project from Greek electronic artist Kostas K. The music on Approach is amongst the most peaceful and relaxing music I have ever heard, mixing in soft ambient tones to an overall glitchy IDM sound and accompanied in parts by the ethereal almost world music like vocals of Katja who's vocals bare a similar resemblance to that of Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance. Creating an overall sound that is equal parts depressing as it is melancholic as it is uplifting

I highly recommend this album to anyone and everyone it truly is a wonderful insight into the creative mind of Kostas. The only negative thing I can say about this album is towards the end the album does phase out a bit, it's finer moments definitely come in the first 7 tracks.

Download: Rapidshare
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dolorian - Dolorian (2000)

Genre - Ambient, Doom Metal
Reviews - This would easily be the best band that i stumbled upon this year. I have heard two album of their so far and both of them are kickass. One of the members of our last fm group, Caliban51 had given this album a perfect score on RYM.Obviously i was all excited about this band. Ah, and thankfully nothing went wrong.
They really play an awesome kind of doom metal with lots of atmosphere and is laden with ambient parts all over the album,and add to that soothing "low exhaled vocals" which do great to add atmosphere to the album.
And rightly so,this is so different from any doom band you have ever heard considering in mind doom itself is a vast genre.There are very few albums that leave an indelible impression on the mind of the listener and this happens to be one of them for me.

I was recently told that they have spiritual lyrices and i checked it and yes they were awesome.

Trust the DoG and GET THIS ONE HERE!

Sólstafir - Masterpiece Of Bitterness (2005)

So here it is, by request Solstafir's Masterpiece of Bitterness.

With this years release of Kold it seems Sólstafir are gaining popularity, which they deserve. However, it seems that a lot of fans of the new album are not recognising Masterpiece of Bitterness.
Without a doubt this is Sólstafir's best release to date, and in my opinion one of the finest albums to grace my collection. With a much more atmospheric feel to it then any of their other releases this album flows together so perfectly, switching from fast aggressive style riffing to epic drawn out laid back sections in the blink of an eye in a beautifully constructed piece.

Contrary to popular belief this is neither a black metal album or a viking metal album, in fact you can throw a lot of genres on this band and it is very difficult to tie them down just to a single style of music; from the stoner/sludge Esq vocals, there is a psychedelic overall sound mixed in with a huge amount of atmospheric metal and the riffs contain elements of Solstafir's black metal days also it's worth nothing each song has an almost post - rock song structure, huge build ups with crushing endings.

To pick a highlight from this album is nearly impossible as each song really does have it's high points, each song has it's part on the album and it's one of the few albums I feel that nothing should be changed. Also, the second longest song on the album 'Ritual Of Fire', starts with a beautiful piece of music that sounds like it's been lifted straight from Sigur Ros's Takk, both bands are Icelandic and both albums came out in the same year, strange hey?! Well not really, must be an Icelandic thing.

I really could go on and on about this release, but for now I'll just say check it out. Even if you do dislike this album it deserves to be heard.

Download: Mediafire
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Monday, February 16, 2009


Tombs is a pretty new band (formed in '07)that has been generating some buzz lately, but has yet to get picked up by the hype machine and really blow up.

Pretty grim a crushing, but sludgy and atmospheric at the same time. They vary between modern style sludge atmospherics and heaviness, and full-speed-ahead modern crusty sections, bringing mad guitar textures and layer the whole time. Faster parts bring a heavy black metal influence as well.

Mike Hill (ex Anodyne) brings the Boston noise/metal/hardcore influence, and Andrew Hernandez (ex A.S.R.A.) holds it down with the drums.

I'm going to put up their new album Winter Hours along with a split they did last year with the melodic, Tragedy style crust band Planks.

Tombs/Plank split [2008]

Winter Hours [2009]


Cynic - Roadrunner Demo (1991)

I'm fucking sick of people creaming their pants over the last Cynic album, or their "breathtaking" live performances, or even those that think "Focus" was some kind of mindblowing tech death revelation.
The thing that bugs me the most is that they had shitloads of potential during their early days, as this '91 demo will prove. It's some obliterating thrashing old school death metal with a slight technical edge that's guaranteed to make you fuck up your vertebraes, ask "Focus what?" and shed a tear for the abrupt end to their brilliant style.
Seriously, listen to the third track. The riffing/soloing towards the end has got to be some of the catchiest guitar work ever to come out of Florida. It's like Atheist's "Piece of Time", but a slight bit thrashier and memorable.
I sure am sorry for the poor saps that hail fusion thrown into death metal as some sort of creative breakthrough for mankind, yet have not had a chance to listen to this old gem.



Friday, February 13, 2009

Klimt 1918 - Secession Makes Post - Modern Music (2000)

Klimt 1918 (named after the famous painter) are an Italian band that play a sort of progressive melancholic doom pop rock hybrid very much in the vein of bands such as Katatonia and Amorphis, the band were originally called Another Day where they played a progressive death/doom style of music similar to that of Katatonia's earlier days. Each member has had his claws in the metal scene at some point, playing in death, doom and thrash metal bands and that general metal vibe can be heard Klimt's music.

Secession makes post - modern music is their first and most metal release, after this release they have gone down the catchy melancholic route, though they carry on making good music. Consisting of a mere 5 tracks this album manages to, or at least it did with me, make it's mark on you on just the first listen.

From the second this record begins the inspiration of bands like Katatonia is undeniable, but Klimt 1918 are much more than a Katatonia tribute act. Every track on this album has something to shout about, from the catchy riffs of the opening track Schmerzwerk 1976, to the absolutely amazing closing of Passive, to the great doom metal atmosphere represented in both the music and vocals on Swallow's Supremacy and finally the melancholic ending presented in April.

Granted the lyrics on this album might not be great and the vocalists English even worse but are you going to let that deter you from a great release, I suggest you listen to this NOW.

Download: Rapidshare. Sorry this the only website I could find with an upload.
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Jerusalem - Jerusalem (1972)

Child of the 70's, this is the first (and only) album from the british band Jerusalem. It's a traditional doom metal/hard rock band, kinda like Black Sabbath, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin that deserves some goddamn recognition for being truly awesome and kick-ass. If rockin' basslines, heavy riffs, steady drumming, balls-out shredding, acid trips and acting like you're a know-it-all artists that feels the love of the world in a cynical society are your thing, then don't skip this. For 1972, it's quite heavy and a slight bit prog rock-ish, unlike the more straightforward approach of Pentagram's debut (even though that's not from the 70's, just sayin'), but still catchy as fuck. Try not to sing along to "Primitive Man" or the all-out rockin' masterpiece that is "She Came Like A Bat From Hell" (which is also their best song).
Some quotes regarding the band:
"They gigged throughout Europe and shared the same stage as bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Status Quo"
"It has often been stated within the music business that Jerusalem were a substantial influence on many of the 2nd generation Rock "metal" bands and Punk bands of the 80's"



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse (2008)

This, like Acid Witch, needed some blog cover too. Razorback Records released lots of great materials last year, this being one of them. Taking cue from the "Tombs of the Blind Dead" series, where eyeless zombie templars chased young women in slow motion on rotting horses, to perform exsanguination rituals on them, these old-school loving freaks are sepulchral, skull-crashing old school doom/death. You could cite Winter or Asphyx as influences, but I think it does a good job of standing on it's own two feet. It's got lots of riffs, melodic soloing, dual guitars and tempo shifts to provide an interesting listen, though if you're into the SAW movie series, fancy caffe lattees and/or rampant male buttfucking, you'd better try to find something else.


What's that you say? You haven't seen the Tombs of the Blind Dead? Well, aren't you lucky today! 'Cause I've just happened to upload the first movie of the series! Enjoy "La Noche del Terror Ciego"!



Fullmoon Bongzai - Noisense (2008)

Look at the cover motherfucker it's a bunch of motherfucking goats and a pink motherfucking black metal logo. Fuck.
I gave it a spin, and, maaan, was my habit of downloading bands with weird names rewarded! Hipsters are gonna cream their collective 120$-a-pair underpants when they'll hear this. I guess I could say it's idm/ebm/power electronics/psychedelic trance/any other bullshit electronica subcategory I've never heard of, but, in essence and structure, it's black metal with quite a sense of humor, played with atypic instruments for black metal. Shitting at the end of the rainbow is an "interpretation" of Ved Buens Ende..., the guy from Varathron provides vocals for three tracks, and various samples from artists such as Diamanda Galas and Screamin' Jay Hawkins are deformed for your entertainment. I feel somehow guilty for liking this a lot, I feel like I should wear tight, Armani t-shirts, memorise the initial cast of "Cats" on Broadway, and try cocaine at rave parties. It's not a true album, but it's a very, very entertaining listen.
Get this if you're a fan of unique sounds or any music with a sense of humor.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Remember Shakti - The Believer (2000)

Genre - Jazz Fusion, Indian Classical.
Reviews - I am not competent enough t review the greatness of these maestros. I bet everyone of you know of The Mahavishnu Orchestra and John McLaughlin. Some of you might even have heard of Zakir Hussain. But the other two musicians are basically quite unknown to the European and American continent.
This album is awesomeness defined.Every thing about this album is so coherent and perfectly placed that the whole listening experience is magical.The highlights of the album definitely is mind blowing performance on tabla by Zakir and John's solos are beautiful too.U. Srinivas plays electrical mandolin here and has done it magically. V. Selvaganesh is on Kanjira(some sort of percussion instrument, we also call it by the name of DHOL).
I have watched Zakir and Shrinivas live and believe me guys these are some of the best musicians you will ever have the pleasure of watching live.I have other albums of this band too thanks to my old madness for indian classical music. I have heard a lot about John's band Shakti also(i need to get that).You can watch this video to get an idea of the band.


You can get the album here

The Ruins of Beverast - Unlock The Shrine (2004)

Well, boys and germs, here's The Ruins of Beverast's debut LP, Unlock the Shrine. It's a one man band, the genius responsible for this being Alexander von Meilenwald, the drummer for the late Nagelfar. He plays every instrument here, and I gotta say, more drummers should be guitarists. There's an uncanny sense of groove for a black metal record, here, and it doesn't feel out of place at all. The musical synesthesia is just astounding, even though it's quite a thick and layered album. Electronics intertwine with guitars, drums and movie samples to create something new on each track. From the progressive headbangable riff on The Clockhand's Groaning Circles, to the bitter atmosphere of Unlock the Shrine, and even the trip-hop sounding synth on Between Bronze Walls, this album puts most black metal bands to shame in terms of diversity. And, also, it does much more than make you bang your noggin and tap your foot...the artist(yeah, I used this word, Alexander is a true artist, something very rare these days) connects to you on a personal level. Read the lyrics. Bask in the album's atmosphere. It's a moving piece of art that will not leave you indifferent.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Agatus - The Weaving Fates (2002)

Agatus play a style of black metal that is very reminiscent to 90's black metal while including elements of Iron Maiden Esq heavy metal.

In Depth Review coming soon.

Download: Mediafire
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Anaal Nathrakh - Total Fucking Necro (2002)

Total fucking Necro is a compilation of Anaal Nathrakh's long forgotten demos and covers, tracks 1 - 4 are taken from the 1999 demo 'Anaal Nathrakh', tracks 5 - 9 track are taken from the demo that goes by the same name 'Total Fucking Necro' and the last track on the album entitled 'necrogeddon' is taken from the previously unreleased demo 'We Will Fucking Kill You', this track later went on to become 'The Necrogeddon' which is the closing track on 'Eschaton'. Two tracks from this album 'The Supreme Necrotic Audnance' and 'The Technogoat' were re -released on their first full length, 'The Codex Necro' and finally track 4 and 8, 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' and 'Carnage' are Mayhem covers.

This album is one of those tragically overlooked masterpieces from a band who over the years have made a steady incline in popularity, featuring two of the best covers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and with the fear of having my head ripped off by trve Mayhem fans, they not only meet the quality that Mayhem produced, they surpass it by quite a long way. This album is an unrelenting assault on the ear drums from the second it begins to the final second played, with very little time for melody and zero tolerance for everything that exists, this record is perfect for those days when you just need to vent anger.

Total Fucking Necro also holds one of those hidden gem tracks, that to this day I am still bemused as to why Anaal Nathrakh have not re-recorded for a recent album, the track 'Satanarchrist' is the one track that utilises some degree of melody and it really is the stand out track on the album, a track that would have slotted in so perfectly on The Codex Necro.

The only thing that could probably work against the release is the somewhat sketchy production in places, I'm not talking Xasthur sketchy mind you.

Download: Mediafire
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Though you may have difficulties getting this album as it's pretty damn rare!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maruta - In Narcosis (2008)

The name Maruta comes from Project Maruta, a secret WWII era experiment program of the Japanese government. Project Maruta was the Japanese equivelent of the testing carried out by Josef Megele carried out on the prisoners at the Nazi concentration camps. The Project had the pretense of a weapons testing program, but in reality it was just an excuse for the sadistic Japanese Unit 731 entertain themselves by divising and implementing horrific atrocites on Japanese poltical prisoners.

Maruta then is a fitting name for this South Florida trio; their music is just a sick a sadistic as the murderers of Unit 731. They rep a modern style of grindcore characterised by their intentional lack of a bass player. This may partly be respossible for the sonic similarties between them and other bassless grind bands like Pig Destroyer and Discordance Axis. Maruta generally utalize the classic fast-slow dynamic, and unusually for a grind band, they are often at their best during the slow parts of their songs.

Check this shit....


Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death (1988)

Genre - Thrash Metal
Ratings - 100+/100
Reviews - ITS THE GREATEST METAL ALBUM EVER! Moarrrrrrr coming up soon.

Download (Mediafire)

Nirvana 2002 (swe) - Disembodied Spirits (1990)

Genre - Old School Death Metal
Ratings - 97/100
Reviews -
Nirvana 2002 is another one of the forgotten Swedish death metal legend that one often overlooks while talking about old school death metal scene. For some unforeseen reasons the band could never come up with an entire full length but before quitting they left us with few songs of such skull crushing brutality that were set to become a cult in the underground death metal scene. In 1988, Eric and Orvar came together and decided to form a band. They came up with ideas and ended up releasing a few demo tapes. Few of them like Truth and Beauty and Excursions in 2002 became very famous among the underground fans. Both of them were independently released and hence the production was arguably poor but one could not overlook the musical talents of these maniacs and the labels started to take interests in them. Consequently one of their tracks appeared on the famous split consisting of Appendix, Authorize and Fallen Angel and Nirvana 2002 themselves. Finally they got to release their most famous work Disembodied Spirits under CBR records.

I firmly believe that this is the best EP I have ever heard in metal let alone death metal. Everything is just about perfect on the three tracks on this EP.There are no fillers, no cheesy moments, everything is just class.

The EP begins with the song Slumber which kicks off with a muddy chaotic riff followed by a solo only to make way for inhuman growls of Orvar Safstrom who goes like :

The seal has been broken the last door is shut
Whirling in the slumbering dephts
A pale gleaming
The last lantern in the darkness to come
Rising from the veils of slumber
To reap the dark souls and bring blessing to some."

That sure turns out to be a blessing for the listener. Orvar may not be one of the best in the busines as far as death metal vcals are concerned, he may not be gifted with satan like voice box to be throwing evil growls like Jimmy Karlsson or Greg Chandler but he manages to create a brutal atmosphere with his vocals. He uses his inhaled breath sounds on mike to perfection. The best example can be seen on the song The Awakening Of... when he screams "Time To Die". That is certainly my favorite moment on the entire EP. Slumber is full of riffs after riffs and invaded by a few solos in between, that come as a pleasant surprise, with drum rolls and blastbeats thrown aptly at places. This song is orgasmic. The Zombieification and The Awakening of arent without great moments too. The drum intro of Zombieifiecation, solos on The Awakenings of.. are perfect examples of that. No matter how much I praise Orvar and Lars on guitars and drums, I still wouldn't be doing them justice. The excellent use and perfect timing of drum rolls on toms, drum fills on high-hats and cymbals and blastbeats just make him stand apart from the usual blastbeat predominant drummers of early 90s Scandinavian death metal bands.

Apart from the near flawless metal assault of these stalwarts, the production value is another one of the reasons why I chose this EP over any other. The guitar sound is well produced and never sounds buried under the sound of the bass drum which is often one of the frequently encountered problems with demos and EPs of early 90s death metal bands otherwise. The production of drums is phenomenal too. The snareshots pound directly on your ears and the bass drums are just loud enough to be heard clearly. The bass guitar does sound a bit subdued compared to the the others but I guess you wouldnt mind that.

Before you start to wonder "Why not a perfect 100 despite such mouthful of praise?" Well may be because the EP seems too short to me and the bass guitar production could have been better.

Oh, and by the way, I have not had the pleasure to own anything original by the band. There were news in 2007 that the band might start working again together when they played live for the last time in a gig. There have been talks of the release of their entire material as a compilation. I for one sure if going to buy because that will be like a diamond in my collection. So, watch out !!
JUST FUCKIN BUY THIS whenever its released as compilation.

Download (Mediafire)

Dark Angel - We have Arrived (1984)

You are a thrashing maniac if you know of Dark Angel!
(Do not take this for serious you are still a scene kid)
If you want to be a thrashing maniac you should claim to love Darkness Descends!
(This album is great, no discussion)
But if you are a real wise friend of heavy metal you should know better: Their debut is even more charming then their later efforts, because it has this particular unbound yet savage feeling (just compare Merciless Death 84 edit. to it's 86 re-release within Darkness Descends). Beside the afore mentioned Merciless Death there are many other pretty catchy and noteable tracks on this record e.g. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse (seriously each track of this record is killer). Worship it or die!

P.S: I possibly add this bands later albums as well, because they are all seriously awesome.

Downolad (zShare)

Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere (1970)

Genre - Hard Rock
Ratings - 82/100
Reviews - Its not an original album. Its a collection of some great covers done by the band before they actually came out with original stuffs. Believe me, its a great album. Very innovative covers and nice improvisations. And for Sabbath lovers, there is the cover of their epic self titled song. It has been done amazingly, the vocalist sounds better than Ozzy. But my favourite from the album is Louisiana Blues. Its a cover of Muddy Waters who is a blues singer. The original song is just 2.53 in legth but they have made this into an epic 14 minutes long track. The soloing in particular is beyond description perhaps one of the best heard in classic rock, yes its comparable to memorable ones like "Sultans of Swing" or "Freebird". Great album again that showed the hint of greatnss that manifested itself entirely in SATORI.

- EyeHateDoG
Download Here(Mediafire)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gammacide - Victims of Science (1989)

This one is among the fastest and most breathtaking thrash LPs I can think of. This band somehow manages to play at high speed level and groove the same time. If you are digging Sacred Reich's Ignorance or Evildead's Annihilation of the Civilization you will know this one probably, but if you do not do so yet you should get it as soon as possible. Every Track is worth listening since the riffing stays consistantly interesting and the vocals have their own particular mean sound.

Download (Rapidshare)

Ulysses Siren - Above the Ashes (2003)

This compilation of Ulysses Siren's demos from 85 and 87 really deserved to be released upon mankind. If you think of other demo compilations like Thrash 'til Death by Slaughter Lord you might firstly think about the bad production which somehow decreases the listening experience, but I can assure you: Above the Ashes has a brilliant production which makes me wonder why still nobody really cares about this band. There are many aspects which actually should have guaranteed these guys a huge success: Their riffing is definitely above average likewise the vocals sound pretty nasty. While listening to this record you get violently pushed through 7 pretty fast and intense thrash tracks which won't annoy you at any time, I personally did never wish to skip even one of these gems.

Download (Rapidshare)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mystik Journeymen - The Black Sands Ov Eternia (1999)

Quick History Lesson:
Mystik Journeymen (Sunspot Jonz & Luckiam.PSC) are a hip-hop duo out of Oakland. They formed back in 92'. In 96 they teamed up with 3 Melancholy Gypsys to form the Living Legends crew.

Journeymen dropped Black Sands Ov Eternia in 1999 and it stands as an underground hip-hopclassic. Black Sands has very relaxed atmospheric beats. The lyrics are somewhat average,but the subject matter is refreshing, as the Journeymen don't sing on endlessly about cars and bitches.

Give it a listen, bitch.


Download (mediafire)

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori (1972)

Genre - Psychedelic Rock/ Hard Rock/ Traditional Doom
Ratings - 100/100 (one of few albums,that I rate so high)
Review - Flower Travellin' Band - Well the name would remind you of some emo alternative rock band.Well they aren't. This is the best thing Japan ever did to mankind, let alone music. Yes i know Japanese are a technoe giant but wth this pisses over anything they have done. There are so many awesome bands in Japan, but a band as old as this and still kicking some major ass is really mind blowing.
Well how do they sound? There is a huge Sabbath worship on the album but mind you its not a bad thing. They prefer to add their own innovations and improvisations, while still manage to create a great heavy/doom riffs just like sabbath. Add to that elements of Psychedelic rock also. Nasal vocals do magic for heavy/doom and Kyoko Wright is no different. Guys 100/100 is something that alone should get you thinking and i wouldnt be exaggerating if i say that this albums kicks the ass of even "Master of Reality". GET THIS. Its a CLASSIC.



Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hallucinations (2008)

Genre - Death/doom, Psychedelic Doom.
Year - 2008
Rating - 95/100 (Yes,Its that fuckin' good).

Reviews - Have u ever, I repeat, Have U fuckin ever imagined, in your wildest imaginations, how would some random kickass 80s heavy metal band sound if they added death growls into their music. And if you think that was the end of the awesomeness Acid Witch not only succeed in adding the 80s heavy metal riffing and soloing to their music but they also manage to add psychedelic elements to their death/doom sound just like some 70s hard rock bands used to do. Now thats called creativity and imagination. We all witnesssed, how in an otherwise shitty musical year Razorback Records signed some great bands and came out with amazing albums. Hooded Menace, Crypticus, Decrepitaph are all good examples. But Acid Witch topples them all. Dare i say its one of my favourite albums of the decade leave alone 2008. The vocalist sounds as if he is growling his throat out on tracks like Into the Cave.It seems as if the intro song has been sung by some witch living in some ancient cave waiting for her prey and while casting her dark spells on some innocent victim. That will scare the shit out of you. They play a style of death/doom similar to none. If you think you can track some band that sound similar, then you are wrong. Nothing sounds similar. I can't fucking wait for these guys to work again on some new material.
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The Reign Of Kindo - Rhythm Chord & Melody (2008)

The best music-experiences, are those albums you download blind on instinct, without knowing what to expect; simply drawned by the band name, genre tag and the album cover; you hope to find something worthwhile.
I saw the reign of kindo, and i expected musicians.. you know, the people who make music with love and passion.
Once i started listening, i actually got what i expected, and well... more than that, i was pretty much blown away.

Joseph Secchiaroli fills the album with his appealing voice; sings about how you can walk your way through difficult times, finding the hope again you once had... and how miserable life can be.. and he wants you to know it!
Backed up by jazzy beats and tender pianoplaying, Joseph fully expresses himself, releasing out all his insecurities, questions, and life-experiences throughout the songs.
The songs themselves are mighty varied and even keep the fast-bored audience (where I belong to) into their grasp from the beginning to the end.
As an matter of fact, the guys of The Reign of Kindo have that much musicianship, even emotionless bricks should be able to love some songs.
Although I warmly recommend this record for depressive times, it's remains an excellent listen for when you are learning, sleeping or eh.. doing anything that is non-related to depressive activities.. =').
You know what, I'm ok with being an angsty teenager forever if there was made more music like this! Try this when you have any feeling in your guts; and expect a gloomy ride to gritty town filled with nostalgia.. and lots of pain.


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Aäkon Këëtrëh - Dans La Forêt (1996)

Probably the most significant and interesting element of the LLN (Les Légions Noires) movement comes from Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh.

With the use of just the guitar and a single song that incorporates some chanting and screams this demo has a very minimalist overall sound, creating a feeling of despair and depression much more so than 90% of the self proclaimed DSBM bands out there.

The album consists of 8 songs and clocks in at just over the 20 minute mark, in fact this album is more like a single piece of music that has been split into eight singular tracks. What Aäkon Këëtrëh has created is not an album that will be liked by many and loved by less, yet for those who can, a great piece of dark and dreary ambient awaits.

Rating: 83/100
Dark Ambient
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black Shepherd - Immortal Aggression (1988)

Genre - Thrash Metal

I can't believe how underrated this masterpiece is. Inspired heavily by early crust/punk bands, they play thrash with punky riffs and vocals are quite similar to early black/thrash acts like Vulcano and Sodom. No they are even more aggressive than them. Dare i say that they might be one of the most evil albums by thrash standards. The vocals are the highlight of the album. If this dosnt bang your head, Nothing ever will.

88/100 (If it weren't for the production,I would rate it higher)
- EyeHateDoG


Drudkh - Autumn Aurora (2004)

Quite often this album gets voted as the second best album in the Drudkh discography next to their first offering 'Forgotten Legends', a sentiment I just can not share.

This album is one of a very few black metal albums that I can refer to as beautiful, the sense of melancholy and the representation of the change of seasons, the depressing yet uplifting feel of Autumn is presented through a series of long atmospheric repetitive guitar riffs and synths that bring forth an organic and fresh sound to the music of Drudkh and to that of the atmospheric black metal genre.

The defining moment on this album comes in the form of 'sunwheel' a surprisingly optimistic and joyful black metal track with a very melancholic undertone that really highlights all the key things I have mentioned about this album, a track which earns it's place as one of my favourite if not my favourite black metal song.

Black Metal
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Morbius (US) - The Shades Below (1992)


Great old school death metal from US. “The Shades Below” released on Last World Records (USA); subsequently only 1,000 copies were pressed, and marketing for the disc was non-existent, allocating the innovative, yet obscure music to the belly of the underground. Well this band sounds a lot like MACABRE and Morbid Angel worship. The vocals tend to sound screechy at times and thats not a problem at all.Great riffs and oh it features members of Grand Belial's Key and Arghoslent. Great underground death metal, not to be missed.

- EyeHateDoG
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