Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nausea - Crime Against Humanity (1991)

Having Oscar Garcia of Terrorizer fame on vocals/guitar, this LA based band has been thought of as some sort of side project. However, give this (their only LP) a spin once, and you'll see that it stands well on it's own two feet.
They're a death/grind band with a slight doom influence. The most accurate description would be saying that it sounds somewhat like Terrorizer/Napalm Death combined with Brutal Truth (check out that absolutely HEAVY, buzzing bass guitar) and a hint of Black Sabbath.
One can figure out their theme quite easily by just looking at the album cover. If politically-charged lyrics make you cringe, just try to ignore them, for the music at hand is surely friggin' sweet.
I could say that the production is a bit uneven and the drum sound somewhat poor, but when has that ever stopped our appreciation of the music? Also, fun fact: some songs off "World Downfall" were actually Nausea songs, taken by Oscar to complete the album *winks at the Viking*