Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori (1972)

Genre - Psychedelic Rock/ Hard Rock/ Traditional Doom
Ratings - 100/100 (one of few albums,that I rate so high)
Review - Flower Travellin' Band - Well the name would remind you of some emo alternative rock band.Well they aren't. This is the best thing Japan ever did to mankind, let alone music. Yes i know Japanese are a technoe giant but wth this pisses over anything they have done. There are so many awesome bands in Japan, but a band as old as this and still kicking some major ass is really mind blowing.
Well how do they sound? There is a huge Sabbath worship on the album but mind you its not a bad thing. They prefer to add their own innovations and improvisations, while still manage to create a great heavy/doom riffs just like sabbath. Add to that elements of Psychedelic rock also. Nasal vocals do magic for heavy/doom and Kyoko Wright is no different. Guys 100/100 is something that alone should get you thinking and i wouldnt be exaggerating if i say that this albums kicks the ass of even "Master of Reality". GET THIS. Its a CLASSIC.



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  1. I actually never understood why all the hype up about this band when raj was specifying it until I'm actually hearing it. Bizarre stuff and definitely damn good mix of Psychedelic and Doom elements.