Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sea of Deprivation - Catharsis In Disharmony (2000)

Genre - Sludge Metal, Hardcore, Crust/Grind
Reviews - This album will possess you by its sheer power.Well to tell you the truth, this is my favourite sludge album ever. While the band buys the riffing style from black sabbath while there is lil bit of Eyehategod worship going on the riffing as well. When you listen to the vocals, you are completely in for a surprise.The vocals range from a high pitched screams and screeches to low growls on some of the tracks. The drummer goes berserk in faster passages of hardcore and crust/grind parts. An absolutely eseential stuff and good luck finding someone who is ready to trade this one.Because this is "MORE UNDERGROUND THAN CRUDE OIL".

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