Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Remember Shakti - The Believer (2000)

Genre - Jazz Fusion, Indian Classical.
Reviews - I am not competent enough t review the greatness of these maestros. I bet everyone of you know of The Mahavishnu Orchestra and John McLaughlin. Some of you might even have heard of Zakir Hussain. But the other two musicians are basically quite unknown to the European and American continent.
This album is awesomeness defined.Every thing about this album is so coherent and perfectly placed that the whole listening experience is magical.The highlights of the album definitely is mind blowing performance on tabla by Zakir and John's solos are beautiful too.U. Srinivas plays electrical mandolin here and has done it magically. V. Selvaganesh is on Kanjira(some sort of percussion instrument, we also call it by the name of DHOL).
I have watched Zakir and Shrinivas live and believe me guys these are some of the best musicians you will ever have the pleasure of watching live.I have other albums of this band too thanks to my old madness for indian classical music. I have heard a lot about John's band Shakti also(i need to get that).You can watch this video to get an idea of the band.


You can get the album here

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  1. Talk about awesomeness. I have attended all their concerts in India, and every one of them has been different. Would love to attend the Jazz festival at Montrouge. Any ideas when it is held?