Thursday, February 5, 2009

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hallucinations (2008)

Genre - Death/doom, Psychedelic Doom.
Year - 2008
Rating - 95/100 (Yes,Its that fuckin' good).

Reviews - Have u ever, I repeat, Have U fuckin ever imagined, in your wildest imaginations, how would some random kickass 80s heavy metal band sound if they added death growls into their music. And if you think that was the end of the awesomeness Acid Witch not only succeed in adding the 80s heavy metal riffing and soloing to their music but they also manage to add psychedelic elements to their death/doom sound just like some 70s hard rock bands used to do. Now thats called creativity and imagination. We all witnesssed, how in an otherwise shitty musical year Razorback Records signed some great bands and came out with amazing albums. Hooded Menace, Crypticus, Decrepitaph are all good examples. But Acid Witch topples them all. Dare i say its one of my favourite albums of the decade leave alone 2008. The vocalist sounds as if he is growling his throat out on tracks like Into the Cave.It seems as if the intro song has been sung by some witch living in some ancient cave waiting for her prey and while casting her dark spells on some innocent victim. That will scare the shit out of you. They play a style of death/doom similar to none. If you think you can track some band that sound similar, then you are wrong. Nothing sounds similar. I can't fucking wait for these guys to work again on some new material.
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  1. Goingh to check this one out, must be good if so many people love it so deeply.

  2. My first listen was a little underwhelming, but now I'd say it was easily the second best album of 2008 behind Hornets of the Pogrom. Very fun album

  3. Fun Album is the right word for it,Haha!

  4. So after about 7 listens I can sum it up:
    1. Modern classic, definitely
    2. Kicks most old school death metal band's butt heavily (not because of the great produciton but because of sheer greatness)
    3. I dug out Asphyx and Winter from the depths of my musical archives and came to enjoy these again.
    4. I made some friends buy me this one and the official shirt immediately.
    5. and so on