Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Reign Of Kindo - Rhythm Chord & Melody (2008)

The best music-experiences, are those albums you download blind on instinct, without knowing what to expect; simply drawned by the band name, genre tag and the album cover; you hope to find something worthwhile.
I saw the reign of kindo, and i expected musicians.. you know, the people who make music with love and passion.
Once i started listening, i actually got what i expected, and well... more than that, i was pretty much blown away.

Joseph Secchiaroli fills the album with his appealing voice; sings about how you can walk your way through difficult times, finding the hope again you once had... and how miserable life can be.. and he wants you to know it!
Backed up by jazzy beats and tender pianoplaying, Joseph fully expresses himself, releasing out all his insecurities, questions, and life-experiences throughout the songs.
The songs themselves are mighty varied and even keep the fast-bored audience (where I belong to) into their grasp from the beginning to the end.
As an matter of fact, the guys of The Reign of Kindo have that much musicianship, even emotionless bricks should be able to love some songs.
Although I warmly recommend this record for depressive times, it's remains an excellent listen for when you are learning, sleeping or eh.. doing anything that is non-related to depressive activities.. =').
You know what, I'm ok with being an angsty teenager forever if there was made more music like this! Try this when you have any feeling in your guts; and expect a gloomy ride to gritty town filled with nostalgia.. and lots of pain.


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