Friday, February 13, 2009

Jerusalem - Jerusalem (1972)

Child of the 70's, this is the first (and only) album from the british band Jerusalem. It's a traditional doom metal/hard rock band, kinda like Black Sabbath, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin that deserves some goddamn recognition for being truly awesome and kick-ass. If rockin' basslines, heavy riffs, steady drumming, balls-out shredding, acid trips and acting like you're a know-it-all artists that feels the love of the world in a cynical society are your thing, then don't skip this. For 1972, it's quite heavy and a slight bit prog rock-ish, unlike the more straightforward approach of Pentagram's debut (even though that's not from the 70's, just sayin'), but still catchy as fuck. Try not to sing along to "Primitive Man" or the all-out rockin' masterpiece that is "She Came Like A Bat From Hell" (which is also their best song).
Some quotes regarding the band:
"They gigged throughout Europe and shared the same stage as bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Status Quo"
"It has often been stated within the music business that Jerusalem were a substantial influence on many of the 2nd generation Rock "metal" bands and Punk bands of the 80's"



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