Monday, February 16, 2009

Cynic - Roadrunner Demo (1991)

I'm fucking sick of people creaming their pants over the last Cynic album, or their "breathtaking" live performances, or even those that think "Focus" was some kind of mindblowing tech death revelation.
The thing that bugs me the most is that they had shitloads of potential during their early days, as this '91 demo will prove. It's some obliterating thrashing old school death metal with a slight technical edge that's guaranteed to make you fuck up your vertebraes, ask "Focus what?" and shed a tear for the abrupt end to their brilliant style.
Seriously, listen to the third track. The riffing/soloing towards the end has got to be some of the catchiest guitar work ever to come out of Florida. It's like Atheist's "Piece of Time", but a slight bit thrashier and memorable.
I sure am sorry for the poor saps that hail fusion thrown into death metal as some sort of creative breakthrough for mankind, yet have not had a chance to listen to this old gem.



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