Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dark Angel - We have Arrived (1984)

You are a thrashing maniac if you know of Dark Angel!
(Do not take this for serious you are still a scene kid)
If you want to be a thrashing maniac you should claim to love Darkness Descends!
(This album is great, no discussion)
But if you are a real wise friend of heavy metal you should know better: Their debut is even more charming then their later efforts, because it has this particular unbound yet savage feeling (just compare Merciless Death 84 edit. to it's 86 re-release within Darkness Descends). Beside the afore mentioned Merciless Death there are many other pretty catchy and noteable tracks on this record e.g. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse (seriously each track of this record is killer). Worship it or die!

P.S: I possibly add this bands later albums as well, because they are all seriously awesome.

Downolad (zShare)

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