Friday, February 13, 2009

Klimt 1918 - Secession Makes Post - Modern Music (2000)

Klimt 1918 (named after the famous painter) are an Italian band that play a sort of progressive melancholic doom pop rock hybrid very much in the vein of bands such as Katatonia and Amorphis, the band were originally called Another Day where they played a progressive death/doom style of music similar to that of Katatonia's earlier days. Each member has had his claws in the metal scene at some point, playing in death, doom and thrash metal bands and that general metal vibe can be heard Klimt's music.

Secession makes post - modern music is their first and most metal release, after this release they have gone down the catchy melancholic route, though they carry on making good music. Consisting of a mere 5 tracks this album manages to, or at least it did with me, make it's mark on you on just the first listen.

From the second this record begins the inspiration of bands like Katatonia is undeniable, but Klimt 1918 are much more than a Katatonia tribute act. Every track on this album has something to shout about, from the catchy riffs of the opening track Schmerzwerk 1976, to the absolutely amazing closing of Passive, to the great doom metal atmosphere represented in both the music and vocals on Swallow's Supremacy and finally the melancholic ending presented in April.

Granted the lyrics on this album might not be great and the vocalists English even worse but are you going to let that deter you from a great release, I suggest you listen to this NOW.

Download: Rapidshare. Sorry this the only website I could find with an upload.
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