Monday, February 16, 2009


Tombs is a pretty new band (formed in '07)that has been generating some buzz lately, but has yet to get picked up by the hype machine and really blow up.

Pretty grim a crushing, but sludgy and atmospheric at the same time. They vary between modern style sludge atmospherics and heaviness, and full-speed-ahead modern crusty sections, bringing mad guitar textures and layer the whole time. Faster parts bring a heavy black metal influence as well.

Mike Hill (ex Anodyne) brings the Boston noise/metal/hardcore influence, and Andrew Hernandez (ex A.S.R.A.) holds it down with the drums.

I'm going to put up their new album Winter Hours along with a split they did last year with the melodic, Tragedy style crust band Planks.

Tombs/Plank split [2008]

Winter Hours [2009]


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