Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adramelch - Irae Melanox (1988)

Now this one is special folks!

It is quite hard to get into and the ghastly production shure doesn't help, but once this clicks it will be on your favorite albums lists for the rest of your lives! Second to none songwriting, beautifuly crafted melodies and heartful singing, all done with such passion bands these days can only dream about.

If you like early Fates Warning, you simply cannot go wrong with this.

Ceremony - Tyranny From Above (1993)

I've been on a huge NYDM binge lately and I remembered this virtually unknown Dutch band that sortof has that typical NY style, though a bit eurofied.

This isn't as good as the 3 "-ations" and Morpheus Descends, but still very worthy of attention to fans of underground old school death metal.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exoto - Carnival of Souls + The Fifth Season [Demo]

Teutonic thrash has it's big three, but so does Belgian osdm. There's the epic Caducity, the technical Chemical Breath and last but not least the death/thrash attack of Exoto.
I would descibe their style as a lovechild of Master and Massacra, with a little bit of attempt at proggy stuff on their demo, which was wisely removed for their full length.
So if it's solid death/thrash you want, get this!