Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exoto - Carnival of Souls + The Fifth Season [Demo]

Teutonic thrash has it's big three, but so does Belgian osdm. There's the epic Caducity, the technical Chemical Breath and last but not least the death/thrash attack of Exoto.
I would descibe their style as a lovechild of Master and Massacra, with a little bit of attempt at proggy stuff on their demo, which was wisely removed for their full length.
So if it's solid death/thrash you want, get this!


  1. Finally,, Thanks for posting this at last/ was looking for this for ages.

  2. Thumbs way up on this! Great stuff!

  3. They definately sound somewhat like a european version of Ripping Corpse.

  4. Ah crap, how could I have forgotten to name Blasphereion as one of the elite Belgian osdm bands :S

  5. Eu tenho o original mas abaixei pra ter a demo !!!!!
    Obrigado por tudo !!!!!!