Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Goat - Black Goat (1997)

Requested by - Featherofhuginn
Genre - Black Metal
Review - Pure Satanic Hate! This is how the kvlt black metal crowd would want to describe this album. Do you know that this band has two members of the legendary heavy/power band "Lord Weird Slough Feg". No wonder this band draws a lot of influences from early 80s heavy metal. There is a huge Venom influence on the riffing and that is the highest point of the album. The vocals on the first song are so lame that they actually sound hilarious, thankfully it gets better subsequently. Sloppy and poorly produced drumming, but hey, its black metal Guise! Recommended for fans of bands like Weakling, Amon, Amon Goeth, early Root, Venom etc!


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