Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eskaton - 4 Visions (1979)

More Zeuhl for you. I don't find this quite as strong as the magnificant Magma, which would be their most obvious reference point for sound. Though I'm far from experienced in the genre, from what I've heard many non-Magma Zeuhl bands deign not to imitate Magma's vocal style directly, but Eskaton certainly doesn't care in that respect. The music itself is far more minimalistic, with spacey keyboards replacing many instances of electric piano, and an overall confined atmosphere that creates an otherworldly listening experience. Highly recommended, though if you're entirely new to Zeuhl you may wish to track down some of the works of Magma and Christian Vander before venturing further into the boundless territories of Avant-Prog.

Mediafire: Part 1, Part 2


  1. Its a great album bro! I recommend this to all fellow blog readers, Btw you heard DUN's eros? Its the most weird Zeuhl album out there. May be i should go ahead and upoad :)

  2. Eros is great, yes, also recommended. Glad to know you're already a step ahead of me on this one, too ;)