Saturday, October 31, 2009

Insane Vesper Megapost

Genre-Raw Black Metal


It's shocking why this band hasn't got more recognition yet,given the sheer amount of professionalism and maturity in their music.Insane Vesper play some really crunchy raw black metal laden with layers and layers of riffs.Very intense but at the same time very varied and not repetitive at all.Excellent songwriting and an amazing guitar tone,which makes the album fuckin' heavy.Some really catchy stuff in here.The band has got one demo,one split and two EPs to their credit.While the demo is pretty neat,the split and the 2 EPs kick major black metal ass.No filler tracks are present and each song is as good as the others.Very tight.Vocals are not the typical black metal shriek.Instead they are chaotic and 'thin'.The drumming is awesome as well.Productionwise,it's what one would expect from a raw BM band...'old school' but in no way annoying.

Insane Vesper's part in the split is fuckin' amazing.Each song slays,with the track 'Crown of Disease' being my personal favourite.The RIFFS!!

The other two bands on the split are Istidraj and Ironfist,both from Singapore.Both these bands play really good black metal and this helps in making the split one of the best ones out there.

Both the EPs are killer material although the 'Twilight of Extinction' EP has an upper hand(due to the presence of more songs).

Well,just get them already!!

Highly recommended for fans of raw black metal or in general,black metal with fucking balls and none of that melancholy shitass synth wankery.

Get the 'Twilight of Extinction' EP first,then the split and then their remaining stuff.

Unholy Procession(Demo 2003)

Blasphemous Demonic Trinity(Split 2005)

Twilight of Extinction(EP 2008)

Therefore, He Shall Consume(EP 2009)



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