Friday, October 30, 2009

Desolation Angels Halloween Megapost

Despite what the above might fool you into thinking, it's actually just about midnight-thirty where I am, so, given it's *technically* Oct. 31st (CST), I thought I'd get off of my ass and post something particularly special for you all today, this most Metal of holidays.

Desolation Angels were one of the great unsung, generally unknown, NWOBHM bands of the 1980's.
The question of why they never gained a large following or made it anywhere near as big as most of their contemporaries is a common one I'm reminded of every time I give them a listen. Did the murky production on their sole full length make their stuff too inaccessible for a record label to spoonfeed to a commercial audience? Was it the all-too simple matter of not being in the right place at the right time? I'll be damned if I know for sure. What I am certain of is that they deserved to.
Their best material was every bit as strong as the classic anthems of cult favorites like Angel Witch and Satan (see: "Evil Possessor", "Fury"), if pushed they could channel the sort of occult, epic atmospheres of bands like Pagan Altar and Brocas Helm ("Dance of the Demons", "Written in Blood"), and long time vocalist Dave Wall had one of the maniliest, most sheerly badass set of pipes ever to grace the business.
Seriously, fuck a music industry that would allow a great band like this to fall into absolute obscurity while it lets Iron Maiden to skate by releasing Live albums and constantly rehashed "Best of" Complilations year after agonizing year.

If any of you need more of a reason to check this band out, I suggest you check out the review of their '08 "Feels Like Thunder" compilation here on the now defunct, but previously excellent Morbid Knocking blog.
I doubt I could give you guys a better, more ringing, more well-thought out endorsement of Desolation Angels than is presented there, so do yourselves a favour and check that out before you bother to read more any of this.
Yeah I know it's long, read it anyway.

You done? Good.

Anyway, I present for you, our follwers, both that 4 disc Compilation and the aforementioned 1986 s/t full-length album.
I hope you enjoy the bygone FURY(!) of another band fate chose to overlook.

Desolation Angels (Look at that cover! You know you want this!)

Feels Like Thunder-
Disc 1 - Studio Recordings (The stuff with Lee Addison is nowhere near as strong as the stuff with Dave Wall)
Disc 2 - Demos (You will be rocking "All Hallow's Eve" today and for many Halloweens to come)
Disc 3 - Live Material (sometimes better than their studio recordings)
Disc 4 - Even More Live Material (seriously, it's really good)

I know you're out there.
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- FeatherofHuginn


  1. The s/t archive is corrupt or something, it says that song #2 is corrupt when I try to unzip it.

  2. Hmmm... I just downloaded it, and it works fine for me. Mediafire can be a bitch sometimes, though. Here's the track anyway-