Saturday, March 14, 2009

Onslaught - The Force (1986)

1986 is considered the hiatus of thrash metal especially concerning the American way. Both albums which are known to every fan of rock music and beyond were released one by Slayer the inventors of occult, straight and merciless thrash, the other by thrash originators Metallica who lifted the genre to the next level. This evolution served as a base for many other bands to come like Forbidden, Testament and Dark Angel, additionally thrash became a serious business displayed by the afore mentined Metallica who would become the worlds best selling rock music act besides the Stones.

But there were still bands practicing the ancient, occult and dark art of thrashing metal:
Onslaught among them started as a punk band and quickly turned into one of the most relentless thrash acts. Their first LP Power from Hell was a piece of harsh and savage thrash assaults and showed their potential and foreshadowed what was yet to come - The Force. Easily standing its ground against the strongest releases of compareable bands from all over the world (Possessed by Fire, Seven Churches etc) unleashing heavy riffing attacks upon mankind this is pure worship of raw thrash like Exodus' Bonded by Blood, Slayer's Show no Mercy and Metallica's Kill'em all. Likewise the vocals are done in the tradition of the godfathers Exodus, ranging from raw singing to catchy falsetto chorusses which will stay in your mind till the chorus of the next track replaces it. Definitely one of the best and throughoutly catchiest albums you will ever enjoy in thrash metal!


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  1. Damn, I would have absolutely fucking loved this album a few months ago, but I just don't like thrash as much as I used to :( . Thanks for the upload though, this is real top-notch stuff!