Monday, March 9, 2009

Fornicator - Fornicator (2002)

Well, yesterday was International Women's Day, and what did you do for your special someone? Did you take your gal out for some caviar and champagne at a fancy french restaurant, then to a theater to see that new romantic comedy with Owen Wilson? Did you take her for a walk in the park, holding hands, telling hillarious, yet politically-correct jokes, throwing your coat on the ground so that she can walk over puddles without getting dirty, knowing that a simple "My, what a gentleman!" look is enough compensation for your ruined, custom-made leather jacket?

Did you go back to her place to watch The Notebook and eat ice cream, give her a back massage, ponce her feet and prepare her a nice bubble bath, complete with incense sticks, candles and her favorite music? Did you respect her intimacy when she said she's too tired for sex, and that it would be a good idea for you to go home?


Did you spend most of your day imbibed in alcohol, hearing your dead mother's voice inside your head, masturbating in front of an orphanage, resenting females because of childhood trauma, kidnapping teenagers (only to rape those cunts somewhere in the woods), fistfucking crackwhores, defecating inside emptied human torsos and generally treating women like objects?

If so, this album's for you. Kick-ass grind containing members of Lord Gore and Engorged, with Rob (Zooombie Roooooob!) from Whore, this is hate-filled music of G.G. Allin-esque proportions. The intro samples are good, the riffing's tight, the drumming's great and blasturbation-free, the vocals are sick (in a good non-wigger way) and any further stylistic disection would be somewhat useless. With song titles such as "Get On Your Knees And Fuck My Dog", "I'm A Goddamn Rapist" and "I Got Your Fuckin Kid Bitch", you're the one to decide if this is for you. Highly recomended if you're in a particularly agressive, humorous or paedophilic mood. Or all of them!




  1. I'm a Goddamn Rapist.
    This is fucking awesome.

  2. Haha that review is fucking awesome!!

  3. I was kind of disappointed by this when i heard it a couple of days back.