Saturday, March 14, 2009

Azarath - Diabolic Impious Evil (2006)

Genre - Brutal Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal
Reviews - Okay here is another one of the polish death metal output. And perhaps the best from that country. Anybody who has known me on, orkut, facebook must be acquainted with my fanboism for the band. This band was introduced to me by one trsuted metalhead friend of mine who got me into extreme metal about 2 years back. Since then its been on my playlists forever.

And mind you, I have always believed that 95 percent of BDM sucks but thankfully this belong to the other 5. If you are still going to disregard this as just another brutal death band, just listen to it once at least. Imagine Suffocation on Drugs combined with the vocals and drumming of Anaal Nathrakh and add to that the evil atmosphere of bands like Grotesque and what you get is AZARATH. No pig sequels, no boring blastbeats, no chugga chugga suffocationish riffing. The songs are fast and there are few sections that are really one of the most intense moments in death metal ever. The album is opener is probably the best intro you would ever hear in metal. Inferno's drumming and Bruno's riffing can very well be the most awesome thing you would ever experience. Dont expect a raw production here, Its quite clean and polished.

While I like most of their released but these are one of few bands that got better with age. I can hardly wait for their 2009 output "Praise The Beast".

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