Saturday, March 14, 2009

Armagedon (pol) - Invisible Circles (1993)

Genre - Old School Death Metal
Review - Well, I am not a very big fan of polish death metal scene. I would prefer Florida,NY,Finnish and swedish scene anyday over the polish one. One of the reasons is because the polish scene itself doesnt have a characteristic sound of its own. But I have seen death metallers who are mad about a few polish bands (read Vader, Behemoth).
Yes, yes I am keeping this trend of giving you guys the lost,forgotten old classics of the genres. It may not be as aggressive as Azarath, It may not be as sinister or evil as Autopsy. But certainly it has a brutal vibe that is particularly prominent on the recording of the drums. The vocals are great too, quite similar sounding as early Master. Seriously the first band band that came to my mind on listening to them was Master and obviously Master worship cant be a bad thing in death metal, or can it? And oh yeah! They are much better than their much overrated counterparts Behemoth and Vader.

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- EyeHateDoG

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