Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darkspace - III (2008)

To begin I am going to steal a review from a fellow Behold the Blogtopus and user Mr DarkRadu;

"Darkspace are back, doing what they do best: they shut the hatch, depressurize, and eject your ass into space, only to be saved by aliens who want to test their new anal probes on you. It's pretty much the same raw atmospheric black metal, with blunt riffs and hypnotic leads that project your consciousness beyond the Gates of the Silver Key."

This album is an unrelenting assault on the audio receptors, there's hardly any time for rest as this album plows through dark matter. It's not a particularly easy listen and it's not exactly optimistic or uplifting either, so if you're not used to long 10 - 16 minutes tracks that in general keep the same structure, than this may not be the album for you but I suggest you give the album a few spins, just so you can begin to understand it.

However, if this sounds tempting to you then seriously check it out, this really is a surreal album, an album that hypnotizes the listener that grabs you by the hand and leads you into the dark and bleakness of space.

Also little (un)interesting fact for you, the sounds in the background of 3.15 are taken from Danny Boyle's, sunshine.

Download: Megaupload
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