Sunday, March 8, 2009

Antropomorphia - Necromantic Love Songs (1993)

Antropomorphia is a Death Metal band from the Netherlands. They formed back in 1989. They have a few other releases, but this record is their best known. I can't really tell what the bands current status is, M-A says they've changed their name, but doesn't explicitly say whether or not they are still active... it's doubtful as their last release was in 1998 so yeah... all of this bands members seem to have pretty much dropped off the radar. These days most people only know Antropomaorphia from DeathenvokatioN's cover of Chunks of Meat.

I have negligible knowledge of the Dutch metal scene, but from what I've heard these guys take the cake for Death Metal.

This is dirty, heavy, and low-pitched... the way death metal should be. Unintelligible grunts for vocals, groovy down tempo parts, blistering tremolo picking.

Get this if you like your death metal brutal, but old school. No Suffo worship here.

Necromantic Love Songs [1993]