Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boris - Amplifier Worship (1998)

Oh holy shit did I just add a Boris album?! It seems I did, do I get a hipster point?

This album is so special that on the 2003 southern lord re release, inside the spine of the album was a motherfucking gummy worm....... that's trve for you.

This is essentially a drone album for those who are looking to seek knowledge in the genre and in my opinion one of the albums (though you could argue that feedbacker is a better drone album) that tops the genre along with Sunn's Black One and Earth's Hex.

Combining elements of Boris's Drone at heart attitude and including a mixture of the Southern Esq sludge we have come to expect, Boris are one of those few bands that no matter what style they choose to play they have the uncanny ability of managing to still sound like Boris.

Bringing what is generally expected from a drone album; it's heavy, bass is a significant instrument throughout , it's repetitive yet at the same time it's not what you expect from this genre, vocals play a more significant role, the drum beat is much more recognisable and not a consistent beat and guitar riffs have more variation. As the aptly named first track states this album is 'Huge'.

The thing with this album is if you don't like it doesn't necessarily mean you'll dislike Boris, so check it out.

On a side note, I wonder if anyone has eaten the gummy worm?

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  1. Actually I'd only call Drone the first and last tracks, the others are just Boris having fun with their instruments.

  2. This is very true it's kind of hard to stamp a genre tag on this album, so i just with what seemed most appropriate.

  3. I am beginning to like Boris, Whats wrong with me?? :O