Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Appalling Spawn - Freedom, Hope and Fury (1998)

Where's all the death metal at in this blog?!

Well here's my offering from the band that went on to become Lykathea Aflame, with the exclusion of the then drummer Gabriel who was replaced by Tomas Corn, I have to say that Gabriel's drumming as good as it is, is nothing compared to that of Tomas anyway with that said and done let's get on to the actual album in question.

Bringing something fresh to the death metal scene is a hard goal to achieve, one that Appalling Spawns Freedom, hope and fury manages. Switching from fast paced brutality to intricate melodic riffing in the blink of an eye, without sounding awkward. This album is like being punched in the face and fucking enjoying it, pumped full of aggression and sheer power that resonate from the fast riffing, chaotic drumming and the vocalists guttural screams and topped off with a nice display of tight musicianship.

Fans of Lykathea Aflame really should check this album out, if not just to see where it all started.

Enjoy Fuckers

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