Monday, November 9, 2009

Sun of Nothing-...In the Weak and the Wounded(2007)

Genre:-Experimental Blackened Sludge

  Weeks and weeks of searching for Sun of Nothing's debut album,"...And Voices,Words,Faces,Complete The Dream",proved to be futile,as I was just not able to find a link.
Finally one day I got a link at metalarea and checked the debut.Fucking impressive and remarkably unique.So I decided to check out their critically acclaimed masterpiece,''...In the Weak and the Wounded''.



What we have here is a behemoth of an album.Skull crushing Sludge metal meets the aggressiveness of Black Metal.Right from sections of dark ambient to black metal shrieks to death metal growls to goddamn sludge...fuck this album has it all.Everything's perfect here.Starting with the BASS!It's so damn prominent with orgasmic and catchy as fuck basslines.The basslines form a solid backbone of many of the songs on this album.The vocals vary throughout the album.At times death metallish and other times switching from the necro vocals of grindcore to tortured raspy black metal shrieks.Sometimes they are clean and actually sung.The riffing is awesome and heavy as fuck.Imagine your head being pounded with a maul continuously.Distorted and well structured riffs that never lose their intensity.The tempo of the album is vary varied.The drumming is also very good and doesn't sound sloppy at all.Production-wise the album is also perfect.A very powerful and overwhelming atmosphere.What we have here is a top notch experimental sludge album.Kinda grabs you by the balls and fucks you repeatedly.

I can't recommend this album enough to any fan of metal.

From the band's mouth,

"Somewhere between the esoteric phantasmagoria of The Melvins & the majestic open spaces induced by Hydrahead sound (Pelican, Mare, Isis) & sheer black metal (from Enslaved to Xasthur…), lies the southern hellboy known as Sun Of Nothing."

Links are Mediafire.

P.S:-For those who care,their debut is equally awesome although the 'power electronics' factor is much more pronounced there.

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