Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harassor - Harassor

Genre – Raw Black Metal / Hardcore Punk

Country – U.S.A.

So GRIM OBSCURE and KVLT, that there isn't an album cover for Harassor, instead there is this

Remember Lord Foul ? A supposed "joke project" by Roach, the guitarist/vocalist for the old underground grindcore band, Son of Dog, the funny part was Kanwulf (Nargaroth) actually covered a song called "I Burn For You" in his Black Metal ist Krieg album from Lord Foul’s Killing, Raping, Burning demo.

Harassor is the project of Roach from Lord Foul along with Pete Majors and Sandor GF, so do we expect another joke over here ? No not at all or wait, Yes! A song titled She Who Makes Dogs Shiver makes you feel that this is where Lord Foul left off and Harassor picked it, but this is rather upto you how you take it, something very original and is a treat especially if you are game for some Raw Aggressive Music.

Talking about the music, it is something in between raw black metal and hardcore punk, the riffs are catchy and the production isn’t too muddy neither clean, the vocals aren’t your trademark Black Metal vocals but the vocalist maintains a raspy sound which goes very well with the music, the drumming is done exceptionally well , especially when you play Raw Black Metal, the drum production in some cases are bound to be sloppy but it is done pretty well over here, right from the intro riff in Marching Abomination to various chaotic and noisy passages this album lives upto my expectations and please don’t let the Hardcore Punk tag bother you, just get it.


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  1. Yes, do not wear tags, cause they are not like cotton versus polyesther chart on your garment. They are more into individual impression of an author who took this responsibility to elaborate on a given ouvre. It is about the recently released Harassor coverless album "Harassor".
    The band has been exposing itself throughout the times and spaces of Los Angeles County for years now. They showed us how good they are. They do not kill the ears. They are making use of noise and silence as well. Their appearances I had witnessed were always matching the mood of mine and that of a gathering. Performances with three instrumentalists/actors.
    I do like the band Harassor, even though do not care for their tags. I can feel the trio is made out of healthy material. For adults only. Not for the little ones.