Monday, November 2, 2009

Infester (Swe) - Demo I (1991)

Genre:Old School Death Metal

Skull crushing old school death metal from where else other than Sweden.

Talking of Swedish OSDM instantly reminds me of Nirvana 2002 who left us with some quality Death Metal, but wait this isn't Death Metal with the muddy production which we all love.

Surprisingly this Demo has a rather clean production but this doesn't take away anything away from Infester, awesome riffs and solos which reminds me of Trey Azagthoth for some reason, not to take away anything from the bass and drumming which are damn tight and makes this an enjoyable listen.

This album is definitely a grower, been loving it more with every listen i give to it, totally worth your time, so get it.

- Ghost of Satvrn


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