Thursday, November 5, 2009

O.L.D. - Old Lady Drivers (1988)

Genre - Grindcore, Death/Grind, Crossover Thrash

I thought it would be nice if I got out of the avant-prog hangover and post some kickass metal instead! It was about time guys. It cant get better than some real fast and chaotic old school grindcore.

Let me present to you guys Old Lady Drivers aka O.L.D. Yesterday I finally managed to check out the highly acclaimed Khanate and to tell you the truth the first two songs of the self titled didnt do much for me. But during those 20 minutes I came to realise what a goddamn awesome vocalist Alan Dubin is! That may be the only reason I may think about revisiting Khanate sometime later. Alright, I checked metal archives and came to know that he was a vocalist for a fuckin' GRINDCORE band way back in late 80s. Isnt that a reason enough to check those guys out?

Anyways O.L.D. play a chaotic, super fast grindcore (The way it is meant to be played!) with super cool lyrices throughout. In the later part of their career, they tried experimenting with their music and ended up playing avant-garde/industrial bullshit (going by some of those you tube samples, they were not worth it). James Plotkin has done a great job on guitaring, coming up with catchy riffs throughout. Solos come up for a very small time but they are tasty too. Dont be surprised if you find acoustic parts in between. Alan Dublin has delivered some of the sickest vocals you would have ever heard in grindcore. I always thought Jon Chang (Discordance Axis) was one of the best grind vocalist ever, but I think after listening to the track "Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips" on this record, I am in a fix! He goes from slow low guttural vocals to extremely fast and high pitched screams which will leave you awestruck. This is one of their album that features real drummer. And, He is awesome. Prepare to get assaulted by inhuman blastbeats and snareshots.And before I forget how can you not like a bands that wrote such legendary lyrices

"When we were young - it was only a game
You would win - at everything
Chilhood rivalry - developed and grew
Games became battles - the I would always lose
Now you're a big shot - controlling my life
Causing me nothing - but pain and strife
But I know your weakness - you haven't a friend
Except from your puppy - who soon will be dead

Here is your puppy's head
Your only friend - bloody red
It's all your fault - it is dead
Tides have turned - now you lose
If you want the rest
It's too late - there's nothing left
Mangled poodle - makes good stew
I ruined your life - I laugh as I chew"

This band is like the combination of sheer aggression of Wehrmacht and Cro-Mags with added brutality of Carcass! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnd On!

Guys this came out before Terrorizer's World Downfall,Relusion's Horrified, Carcass' Reek of Putrefaction and Dr. Shrinker's Wedding The Grotesque. Wonder why this is so underrated and not considered the holy grail of grindcore?

According to MA - The band were originally called Regurgitation, and recorded the widely circulated demo tape "Bathrooms Rule" in late 80's. This demo attracted the attention of Earache to their brand of humorous super-fast grind. Too bad, this album has never been released on a CD :(

BONUS - For all you Clapton fans, This one features a kickass COCAINE cover which may seem a little out of place but extremely funny and amazing.

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  1. I thought everyone knew about OLD. How the hell could they be a part of this group and not worship them?