Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - If the Sky Falls, We Shall Catch Larks (2005)

Genre : NeoFolk \ Apocalyptic Folk \ Drone

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. No, it's not a snappy insult. Although it could be. The name is derived from a florid description of part of the instructions that a witch had to perform back in the 1800s. Fun times.

Instead of a one-man bedroom black metal project, Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat is Stef Heeren's (formerly of some unnamed punk band) one-man freak folk solo project; a tribal, ritualistic extravaganza of layers upon layers of folk drone, chanting, bells ringing, whispers and atmosphere. A live band and occasionally full orchestra hits the road alongside him for gigs.

Those of you who enjoy weirdy-beardy freak folk along the lines of Six Organs of Admittance, Espers or even stoner drone like Om, you'll probably dig it. The vocals have a distinct Current 93-esque quality, which is probably why this is labeled as apocalyptic folk; the music does not really bear out that comparison either.

Of this project, Stef Heeren writes:

"Although the songs on this cd are folksongs really and have a structured course, my musical approach and interest goes out to religious and shamanistic music, be it buddhist, krishna or american indian music. Not because of it's contents but because of it's repetitive, mantra, dronelike character. I tried to create this timeless, trancelike atmosphere which you can find in religious music through using non-western instruments such as harmonium, tanpura, bowls and bells and repetitive singing. I very much enjoy their rattling and clanging."

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