Monday, August 3, 2009

Recalcitrance - Demo (1989)

Country - USA
Genre - Technical Thrash Metal

Recalcitrance was a thrash metal band from Virginia active in the active in the late 80's and early 90's. They went through a few lineup changes, and recorded two demos before breaking up. Little of this really matters, though. Why? Because the important thing here is that their '89 demo f***ing RIPS!
Four songs of technical-bordering-on-chaotic dynamic and aggressive old school thrash metal with tempo and time signature changes that destroy faces and solos that come out of nowhere to absolutely slay all things in their path.
Oh, and Mike Smith of Deceased played guitar on this release.

"Knowledge is nothing,
The laws of science are false,
Pleasure is pain,
Life is death,
What is now
is what was meant to be-
All that is certain
is the inevitability of the end!"
- Recalcitrance, 'Destined to Die'

Get this shit NOW.



  1. Shit yeah, this is one of the most intense and crafty pieces of death/thrash this side of the Cynic demos. Cheers!

  2. Indeed, fucking aggressive stuff! Very cool! Thanx for sharing!!