Thursday, August 6, 2009

Assassin (US) - Blitzed Resistance (1985)

Genre - Thrash Metal
Review - Want a piece of thrash metal with tons of riffage and balls? Well!Here they are. You know about Assassin? Probably you do, or probably you do not. Well, let me put this in a better way. Do you know the US thrash band Assassin? Every thrash fan knows about the German stalwarts with the same name that came up with one of the most landmark albums in thrash metal "The Upcoming Terror" in 1986. Well, the US band I am talking about came up with a 3 track demo way back in 1985. I just stumbled upon this band while searching some music on some random blog. There was something about the demo's title "Blitzed Resistance" that prompted me to have a go at it. I at once googled about the band in search of band's history and other albums (if any) released by them. Well, I was a little disappointed not to find anything about them. Still I got it, and thank god I did! Ahem, I have already finished listening to this for the fifth time while I write this review.
So what we have here is a more primitive form of "Bonded By Blood" styled thrash mixed with aggression of early Sepultura. Three tracks of skullcrushing riffs that will probably leave you wanting for more!



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