Sunday, August 30, 2009

All Souls' Day - Into The Mourning (2001)

Genre - Traditional Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Epic Doom Metal
Reviews - Well traditional doom is a weird genre, If you love one band, you'll probably end up liking most of them. And it is one genre which is a tough one to hate if you are true metal fan. For a while, I stayed away from it because everytime I listened to a Trad doom band, I used to get back to the real masters like Sabbath and Pagan Altar instead. It was getting repititive indeed.

Yesterday, I was busy cleaning up my Ipod, I found this album lying there untouched. and the genre of tag of Epic Traditional Doom had me all worked up. two songs into it and I was already in love. Unlike most of the heavy/doom guys, they dont use the nasal vocals, They rather focus on the use of operatic vocals in the album. And there are great use of female vocals to create a melancholic sound to the music. On the background of heavy and thick guitar sounds there are superadded melodic leads and solos which works wonders. And not to forget a sinster use of keyboards to create a gloomy atmosphere. Most of the songs are over 7 minutes long and the album itself runs for more than 1 hour. So its a complete treat for any doomster.


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