Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy (2009)

Alrighty, so I've had a taste for stoner/doom these past couple of months. I'm not real sure about how I came across this band, so far this album is pretty dope. The vocalist Yoshiaki Negishi was the past vocalist for Coffins (another great doom band), and his vocals are superior to what I've heard from most bands who try to recreate the 70s doom mantra. And although I wouldn't necessarily call this Black Sabbath worship, it definitely has some Sabbath undertones to it. Personally, I like the Sludgy riffage, the groovy melody, the heavy bass licks, and just the whole psychedelic effect of the music's ambience in general. The songs are dedications to some of the sickest known serial killers in history; Albert Fish, Richard Trenton Chase and Richard Speck to name a few. This album pretty much blew me away. I cannot do it's description full justice by trying to explain it to you (as it's hard to describe such the wonderful experience that it gives) so what the hell is there to say? You need to experience this album for yourself, then maybe you'll be more likely to understand exactly what I mean.



Review by Michelle034

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