Monday, April 13, 2009

Ripping Corpse - Splattered Remains (1989)

Most of you are familiar with Ripping Corpse's only full-length, 1991's "Dreaming With The Dead". Most of you consider it a masterpiece of deranged, shrieking and insanely fun death/thrash metal. But what if I told you that things were dirtier, sloppyer, madder and overall more fun in 1989? Some of the tracks on this demo went on to be re-recorded for their debut, but the absoulte highlight of Ripping Corpse's career (in my opinion) is here - "Exhumation Day". Man, that groove. Those riffs. Those excentric vocals. Those lyrics. Pure, sloppy, unadultered FUN. The songs on the album might have been a bit more well-played and polished, but a touch (or a helping) of dirt works wonders.
I guess that's all I need to say about this. You know what to do next.