Friday, April 10, 2009

Lepra - Leprosos Satanicos (1995)

Sorry for that pathetic image. That was the only one I could find. I guess I posted this in the group too. But no one seem to take notice except RectalMorbidity and Estanford.This has been a really long time since i rated a death metal album with a 4.5 stars on RYM. I must say that this band absolutely slays. Great death/grind with riff fest. The vocalist is an absolute monster, I must say there are very few dudes who deliver better vocals in death metal than the guy in this band.He uses pitch shifts to excellnt results. Too bad the lyrices are in Spanish.Anyone who hasnt yet heard them should definitely check them out.This is going to be on my playlist for a long long time.
And finally to quote our death metal veteran Necrobobsledder aka Rectalmorbidity - "That guy makes Glen Benton sound like Madonna!" (referring to the vocalist).

- EyeHateDoG


  1. This is some fucking sick death grind. Serious props. EyeHateDoG, you are a machine that exists to find kvlt music.

  2. Hah, Glad to help, And that gives me an inspiration to post few more kvlt stuffs here :D

  3. Shit, this is really awesome. The riffing kinda brings Ripping Corpse to mind, sometimes.