Friday, April 10, 2009

Paramæcium - Exhumed of the Earth (1993)

Genre - Death/Doom

Yes motherfuckers your eyesight is perfect, the band name has "a" and "e" clubbed together. May be that was done to look kvlt, but yeah that was one of the reasons I was curious to check out that band when i first laid my eyes on it. Exhumed of the Earth is a brilliant album. Nice Old school death metal mixed with melodic doom(not like Katatnia or MDB). There are occassional use of female vocals which are pretty unique (i used this word because its unlike many gothic bands out there). And believe me there are very few bands that have used violins and flute to better results (Folk Metal is boring, So lets forget it for a while, I am talking about doom fuckin metal). Must for any death/doom fan.

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