Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Venom Lord - Return of the Wizards (2007)

Venom Lord was a Bemidji, MN-based 4-piece comprised of Simon Mahlberg (guitar, also of docks, PFAZAR), Eli Balbach (Bass, also of docks), Matt Houle (Vocals, also of Hound), and Alex Narveson (drums, also of Fulcrum, docks, Creep Speak, etc., etc.).
They played a riff-happy style of metal that combined elements from a myriad of extreme genres.

Having reunited with former guitarist Andy Kelly; on September 26, 2009, Venom Lord play their last show to a crowd of enthusiastic fans at a fundraiser at the Elks Lodge in Bemidji, MN, for the Blue Ox Cooperative, an organization attempting to gain funds to buy a practice-space, recording studio, and venue for the diverse Bemidji music scene.

I was there. The show ruled. End of story.

"Return of the Wizards" was the sole full length they released over their 4 year span of rock, and whether or not our followers like this, I'm friggin' posting it.



  1. This really wasn't my cup of tea, unfortunately :(