Friday, September 18, 2009

Falls of Rauros - Into the Archaic

Falls of Rauros is a US based band (from Maine) which plays a form of blackened folk. Originally the project consisted of two members playing a form of neofolk which was mostly improvised. Over the course of time, their sound began to shift into a sound more inspired by black metal, but still retained the pagan feeling of their previous work.

Their first album, Into the Archaic, was barely rehearsed, and recorded in a small shack using low-budget equipment and primitive techniques. The philosophy of this band is interesting in the fact that they're largely influenced by a prechristian, natural world as opposed to many bands which are inspired by the work and ideas laid down by other individuals.

Currently there are around four members contributing to this project, but this release was the effort of the two founding members.

Highly recommended.

Download (Mediafire)

--Goat Christ // YourAntiGod

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