Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poison (GER) - Into the Abyss

I haven't posted in a few decades now, so I figure I owe you guys this one. It's not really well known, but by no means enshrouded in darkness either, as plenty of you have probably heard this already. Still, it deserves a spot here, as it easily sits among the best primal thrash/death/black metal albums I've heard. You may be thinking, "pity it's only four tracks", but fear not, for each of these are 7+ minute sojourns into the darkest recesses of riffage known to man.

Alright, I'll cut with the theatrics and let you guys have the link: MediaFire


  1. You should really have added "(GER)" to the band name, as to avoid any confusion. And really awesome album, I've known it for quite a while. Download this, fools!

  2. Done. No more Cock Rock confusion here. Enjoy guys, I've had some fun with this one.